A lot of people make a mistake about the center of gravity of chest muscle training. No wonder the middle seam of chest muscle can’t come out all the time

At this point, I think many people have such needs. After all, who doesn’t want to make their chest muscles narrower? So the shape of the whole chest muscle will be more obvious.

However, many people will fall into a misunderstanding: they think that the middle seam of the pectoral muscle can only be achieved by the “clip” action, while the “push” action increases the thickness of the pectoral muscle, which is invalid for the training of the middle seam.

because the middle seam of many people’s chest muscle is too wide, the main reason is that the chest muscle is not big enough, and there is not too much meat on the whole, so of course the middle seam can’t be squeezed out. Please remember the word “squeeze”.

when we are doing chest training, the development of chest muscles often starts from the outside, and then gradually moves closer to the middle. The development of the upper chest and the middle seam has been slow after all. It is not only an individual, but a very common phenomenon.

if the size of your chest muscle has reached a certain level, and the middle seam is still too wide, it is likely due to the influence of genes, because some people are born with a wide middle seam, and it is difficult to remedy it later.

there is no problem with the action itself. The above actions are all actions to strengthen the middle seam of the chest muscle, but because your chest muscle thickness has not developed, no matter how hard you squeeze it, it will not help.

when you master the barbell push and dumbbell push, you will find that you can complete a lot of chest muscle movements efficiently and accurately.
it can not only stimulate your dumbbell more fully, but also make you use it more widely.

it also needs you to better coordinate the relationship between the left and right sides. It is not so stable and needs you to control, so it is also very important for you to improve your horizontal push technology. At the same time, it can stimulate your upper chest and lower chest by adjusting the angle, which is a rare good chest exercise.

at the beginning, you can find a helper to help you. Or use the gym’s auxiliary pull-up equipment to add a certain amount of auxiliary weight to help you complete the parallel bars arm flexion and extension, and then let yourself gradually get rid of this auxiliary.

it can stimulate chest muscles more in isolation, and by adjusting the height of the seat and sitting posture, you can train your upper chest or lower chest separately.

if you have the impulse to touch other clip actions after completing the above training, you can do it. However, be sure to put the most energy into the above movements, because these movements can help your chest muscle growth and strength growth.

among the many “clip” actions, the gantry chest clip is preferred, for no reason. In the gantry chest clamping training, the force at both ends of the rope has been struggling to resist, and the force remains unchanged throughout the whole process. Even if you clip to the top, when you do the peak contraction, it is still there, and it has been with you throughout the training.

because many people with big chest muscles have stronger ability to mobilize their chest muscles than ordinary people. They can drive a wide range of muscles in any action they do. If they can do the same action, you may not be able to do it, because your ability to mobilize your muscles is relatively poor. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!