A man in the United States insisted on eating potatoes for a long time and successfully lost 200 Jin

A man in Tennessee has completely changed his life after losing 220 pounds, Fox News reported on August 14. It was an incredible weight loss process. According to his recollection, after eating potato diet for two weeks in a row, he ignited his enthusiasm for fitness and weight loss.

the man, Dylan wall, weighed 425 pounds when he graduated from high school in 2017.

when he went to university at Austin State University, he found that his body didn’t seem to keep up with his peers. “When I went to university, I found that I was not very gregarious. I couldn’t keep up with my classmates. I was often late for class because of inconvenient action.”

before losing weight, Dylan ate mostly fast food, processed carbohydrates and meat. He said that at breakfast, he often eats fast food like McDonald’s. first, it’s cheap, but it’s fast. For lunch, he ate twice as much as a normal person. At the same time, his dinner was much more than usual, and he ate snacks before he went to bed, which usually meant two or three sandwiches.

in order to start the transformation, Dylan is eager to break his “crazy appetite”. “I started cleaning my taste buds. I ate potatoes without any seasoning for two weeks. “It really helped me suppress my appetite.”

from then on, Dylan began to eat only egg white and two pieces of toast for breakfast, with no cheese or cheese for lunch. He usually only ate a little chicken breast, as well as a variety of vegetables and rice. Focus