A mother was cheated by “daughter” in Foshan, Guangdong Province

“Daughter” QQ sent a message to need to pay money to cram school, parents did not know to pay money, but did not think it was a fraud. Recently, a woman in Guanyao, Shishan town, Nanhai District, Foshan, was cheated by her daughter of 48000 yuan in the name of tuition fees. < / P > < p > on the morning of November 12, a fen, the woman who lives in Guanyao, received a message on her mobile phone. When she opened it, she found that a person who claimed to be “Xiaofang” applied to add QQ friends. This “Xiaofang” is the name of her daughter who is reading senior one. Although she has already had her daughter’s QQ friend, she thought her daughter had changed her number, so she passed the certification. < p > < p > subsequently, “Xiaofang” claimed that the school had set up a tutorial class, with a total of 200 class hours, which cost 48000 yuan. Due to the high tuition fee, a fen dialed the QQ voice of “daughter” and wanted to verify with “daughter”. However, the “daughter” refused to listen to the voice because it was inconvenient to attend the class, and provided the QQ contact information of school teachers. Ah Fen added the teacher QQ friends to verify, the other side confirmed the fact of the tutorial, and said that there are only three places left for the tutorial, and they need to pay the fee before noon, otherwise they will not be able to sign up. < / P > < p > as the deadline for payment is getting closer and closer, “daughter” and “teacher” have been urging on QQ. Ah Fen messed up his size, so he transferred 48000 yuan to the private account provided by the other party without further verification. However, just after the transfer of the money, “daughter” also said that she wanted to sign up for the second phase of tutorial class, which can teach one-on-one questions, and also needs to transfer 48000 yuan. In her husband’s reminder, ah Fen also had doubts about this, so she called her daughter’s head teacher and learned that there was no tutorial class. Found that he was cheated, Afan immediately called the police for help. At present, the case is under investigation. < / P > < p > police remind: in this kind of telecom network fraud cases, criminals obtain the students’ family data in advance through illegal channels, and defraud parents’ money by posing as students. When parents receive the information that their children or the school need to pay the fees, they must repeatedly confirm whether the identity of the other party is true through telephone, video and other means. They can also take the initiative to contact the school and teachers to verify the relevant situation, so as to avoid being taken advantage of by illegal elements. 08/16/2020