A new Japanese mask with a large opening in the brain hole

Tokyo, August people.com.cn, 25, a eight Max cosmetics company in Japan, has launched a beauty mask designed with “Nara Buddha” as its prototype, becoming a supernatural gas companion with local tourism.

according to Japan, a production plant under the “Max” company is located in Nara county. This mask was developed jointly by Nara county and Kinki University and has been on sale since February 2019. The mask contains moisture from Nara’s persimmon tree leaves and Japanese wines.

reported that in order to create a cosmetic with Nara’s sense of vision, the idea of “Big Buddha mask” was first put forward in the product seminar of cosmetics company.

‘s customer service slide show, which sells 550 yen “Big Buddha mask”, has not only gathered a lot of popularity among tourists, but also quickly became a “good blueprint” on social media. 08/16/2020