A pair of dog brothers who share weal and woe have passed away one after another in order to protect each other and perfectly interpret “Brotherhood”

Not to live on the same day in the same year, but to die on the same day in the same year. This is the oath that brothers often say when they make vows. But how many people can really do it? In fact, it is not only human beings, but also dogs. They have the same fate and have a “Brotherhood” that we can’t understand. As the eldest brother, “Shapi” died of cancer, and Labrador, the brother of the native dog, also went with him, fulfilling the true feelings of sharing weal and woe in them.

earlier, the native dog “Shapi” was wandering outside and met the same abandoned Labrador “bucket”. At this time, the bucket was being attacked by other street dogs. Fortunately, Shapi who passed by saw it and gave himself up to help. This is the first time rice barrel has been involved in the world, and there will be more unimaginable difficulties in the future.

because Shapi also experienced the fate of being abandoned, so Shapi let the bucket follow him from then on. Two dogs were inseparable, and the same fate made them decide to treat each other as family members. From then on, they face the other dogs together, starve and freeze together, and enjoy the happy time together. For ten years, until they were rescued by volunteers six years ago, they were all brought into the stray dog’s home. It was better to have a shelter from the wind and rain than to suffer from hunger and cold outside.

during this period, the physical fitness of rice bucket was a little poor. After several serious diseases, Shapi played the role of big brother based on the body of rice bucket. During his illness, he took good care of him and gave him spiritual encouragement. Only then did he gradually get better. However, Shapi, who has been in good health for a short time, suddenly plummets. There is no sign of problems in Shapi. The volunteers are unprepared to take them for examination.

Shapi was diagnosed with cancer. Looking at Shapi, who was always strong, suddenly had no strength and even needed the help of volunteers. The rice bucket knows that Shapi is seriously ill. In the past, Shapi took care of the bucket. This time, he changed the bucket to take care of Shapi and accompany him. Looking at the Shapi lying on the blanket, the rice barrel has lost his old energy and is more restless and anxious. When volunteers come to visit Shapi, the bucket will immediately come to the volunteer and hum, like telling the volunteers about Shapi’s physical condition and expressing his worries.

after a month of Shapi’s illness, the bucket’s body also had problems. It began not to eat or drink, and never left Shapi’s side for a moment. Soon, the volunteers were afraid of breathing hard. In the early morning of the next day, Shapi left the world forever. At that time, the bucket did not show any excitement or sadness. Instead, he lay very quietly. Volunteers once thought that it was caused by excessive sadness and depression, and believed that it would recover after a period of time.

what you can think of is that just after dealing with the aftermath of Shapi in the morning, the rice bucket still has no appetite to eat at noon. After a few days of this situation, the rice bucket has also died one after another. It seems to be like an appointment with Shapi. Even volunteers doubt whether this is a coincidence or fate. The Buddhist seal proves that this is the fate that has been doomed in the dark. The two brothers are now free from the suffering of the disease and freely meet at rainbow bridge, hoping that they will meet in another world and continue to live a carefree life.

some people may think that there is no friendship between dogs, but with more and more stories about dogs taking care of each other, I am more willing to believe that dogs will give everything, even life, for each other! If you have witnessed the friendship between dogs, please share them in the comments section!