A pair of twin sisters married with twin brothers in the United States

According to a report on August 14, a pair of identical twin sisters in Ohio, the United States, married a pair of identical twin brothers. What is most surprising is that the twin women are pregnant at the same time and are likely to give birth to two more twins at the same time.

the 33 year old twin sisters are Brittany Dean and Brianna Dean, and the 35 year old twin brothers are Josh sleyers and Jeremy sleyers.

two years ago, the four twins held a grand wedding ceremony in Twinsburg, the famous twin city in the United States. At that time, they announced to the public that the four people would live together all the time, and they hoped to be pregnant and have children at the same time.

the twins have the same social media account, and they have a lot of fans. What people feel as like as two peas in a mirror is how they feel. What people are most concerned about is how they get pregnant at the same time.

However, the four didn’t disclose too much details about pregnancy, but they stressed the bottom line of living together for four people, which is another question most frequently asked by netizens, that is, never exchange partners.

outsiders may be foolishly confused, but the four of them absolutely know who is who. Even if there have been some misunderstandings or oolong incidents, the twin couples will not lose this principle.

at the beginning, it took a lot of time for the four people to live together. After all, their living habits and personalities are different. However, they have adapted very well and have a good relationship with each other. Maybe it’s strange or strange in other people’s eyes, but living together makes the four feel energetic.

now, people are looking forward to the birth of a baby. If four twins are born again, the family will be very busy. However, all baby products like diapers should be bought in quadruplicate. HEALTHY LIFE