A primary school in India encourages students to bring plastic waste to school to pay for school fees

In aksar primary school in Assam, India, students carry a bag of plastic garbage to school every day to make up for their tuition. The burning of plastic waste is rampant in the UK, where toxic gases are harmful to the environment and children’s health, it was reported on the 25th. Aksar primary school was founded by Mukhtar, 32, and his wife, Salma, to solve the problem of “difficult schooling” for local children. Many local children have to work in the quarry, earning about $3 a day. Most of the struggling parents send their children to work as child laborers to subsidize their families. Only a few are willing to pay for their children to go to school. “There are almost no parents willing to ask for plastic to come to school with their children. They’d rather burn plastic at home, “Mukhtar said.” so my wife and my parents said they could use plastic waste to pay for school fees. “. < / P > < p > the proposal was quickly supported by local parents, who signed agreements to stop burning plastics. His wife, Salma, said the couple collected more than 10000 pieces of plastic waste from their students each month. These plastic wastes have become environmental protection “ecological bricks” for construction, and the toxic gases produced by incineration are also significantly reduced. According to the Ministry of education of Assam state, the “aksar model” environmental education is effective and has made a certain contribution to the response to climate change. Focus