A primary school student in Sichuan died after being physically punished by a teacher

Zhang Ning, a student from the Central Primary School of Gaopo Town, Cangxi County, Guangyuan County, Sichuan Province, went to school with her twin sister on September 10, this year, on Teachers’ day. At about 11:00 a.m., Zhang Ning’s grandmother received a call from her math teacher and asked her to go to the school to pick up Zhang Ning. When Zhang Ning arrived in the classroom, she found that Zhang Ning was foaming and unable to speak. She was unconscious < / P > < p > “after the ambulance sent the child to the hospital, the child died after ineffective rescue.” On the evening of September 11, Zhang Ning’s mother, Mao min, told reporters, “Zhang Ning’s twin sister and other classmates said that the teacher hit the child in math class in the morning, and then the child’s situation was not right.” < p > < p > then, Jinyun reported the event on the topic. Is Zhang Ning’s sudden death related to the corporal punishment of math teachers? What happened on the morning of the accident? After the incident was exposed, it aroused strong social concern On September 12, Jinyun reporter called Cangxi County Government, and the staff said: “in view of the abnormal death of Zhang Ning, a primary school student in Gaopo Town, experts from Chengdu have been invited to come here to make further medical identification on the cause of Zhang Ning’s death. The government has also released the latest survey, which has been released through the media. You can directly quote the latest information bulletin, and we will report the progress in the future. ” < / P > < p > the reporter searched the notice for the specific content as follows: Zhang, a fifth grade student in Gaopo Town Central Primary School, had been physically punished by teacher Wang before his abnormal death. At present, the investigation has started the forensic identification process. In the morning of September 10, eight students, including Zhang, were punished by teacher Wang for wrong answers. Zhang was punished twice. Wang beat his palm with a ruler for 4 times and knelt for about 5 minutes. Later, Zhang appeared dizzy in the classroom and was sent to hospital by Zhang’s grandmother and Wang. He died at about 15:30 on the same day. On the 11th, forensic examination of the body surface showed no obvious trauma. On October 26, the reporter learned from the mouth of Zhang Ning’s mother Mao Min that on the 25th, the public security organ had provided a notice of appraisal opinion to the family, stating that Zhang Ning’s appraisal opinion was “death of cerebellar parenchyma hemorrhage with focal brain stem hemorrhage due to cerebellar vascular malformation rupture on the basis of severe bilateral pulmonary bronchopneumonia”. < p > < p > after the incident, Zhang Ning’s mother once told reporters: “the children are very healthy on weekdays, and they go to school happily on teacher’s day. In the morning math class, she was physically punished by the math teacher for failing to do the two application problems correctly. She was also punished to kneel down. She was kicked and knocked down by the teacher. Zhang Ning was crying all the time. The teacher still asked her to kneel. During the process, the child sobbed all the time. She couldn’t lift her head and could not support her body. About 10 minutes later, the class was over, and she was the same Learning to help to the seat, Zhang Ning has been bent down on the seat < / P > < p > “then the class was still a math class. The math teacher called Zhang Ning, but Zhang Ning didn’t respond, so he continued to lecture. Until after that class, the math teacher called Zhang Ning’s grandmother and asked her to take Zhang Ning away. Zhang Ning’s grandmother rushed to the classroom and found that Zhang Ning was in a coma, foaming at the mouth and unable to open her eyes. Later, he was sent to the hospital for treatment, but the child was not rescued, so he died. ” < p > < p > after the incident, the school said that the math teacher was the vice president of the school and was very dedicated on weekdays. The teacher involved had been taken away by the police station, and the specific situation still needs to be investigated by the police. After the details of the incident were exposed, there were different social speculations about the cause of Zhang Ning’s death. Zhang Ning’s parents have not left since they returned to their hometown Cangxi County, hoping to find out the truth and seek justice for their children. After waiting for more than a month, Zhang Ning’s mother, Mao min, told Jinyun on October 26: “the police gave our family a notice of appraisal opinion from Cangxi County Public Security Bureau yesterday. The notice stated that Zhang Ning’s opinion on the cause of death was” cerebellar solid due to cerebellar vascular malformation rupture on the basis of severe bilateral pulmonary bronchopneumonia Qualitative hemorrhage with focal brainstem hemorrhage died. ” < / P > < p > “our family members do not agree with this cause of death.” “We don’t know when the matter of children has been delayed,” Mao said with a cry. Zhang Ning’s twin sister’s mood has not recovered. Yesterday, she and I cried bitterly. Zhang Ning’s sister is no longer willing to go to school in the original primary school. We have transferred our children to other schools. Therefore, under the pressure of many parties, we signed on the public security expert opinion notice to express our agreement with the appraisal result. But in fact, Zhang Ning has been very healthy, did not show symptoms of related diseases, and there are no related genetic diseases in the family < / P > < p > “the police didn’t give us Zhang Ning’s complete death appraisal opinion, only showed us the notice. He said that the complete death appraisal opinion is not allowed to be read. If you want to read it, you should ask a lawyer and entrust a lawyer to read it. ” Mao min is also full of doubts about this. < / P > < p > “yesterday, after signing the notice of expert opinion, we also signed a civil compensation agreement with the University, with a civil compensation amount of more than 800000.” Mao Min said, “in fact, what we want to investigate most is the criminal responsibility for beating Zhang Ning’s math teacher. It’s unjust that my child died like this. However, according to the current appraisal results and investigation, the police told our family that the math teacher should not be able to bear the criminal responsibility.” On October 26, Jinyun reporter consulted Zhu Wei, criminal lawyer of Shanghai Zhiding law firm, in response to the latest development of the matter. He said: “the family members should get a complete opinion on Zhang Ning’s death, because it involves many identification details, so they can further study and determine the cause of Zhang Ning’s death. At present, the public security organs only issue a notice of expert opinion, and the content is not detailed. In principle, family members have no obligation to sign on this notice whether they agree with the expert opinion. It depends on the wishes of the family members. ” < / P > < p > “family members now say that they do not agree with the identification results, but have already signed. In this way, it depends on whether the signature is really the intention of the family member. If it is not the intention of the family member and there is a witness who can prove it, the signature can be overturned. If the family member does sign the word for some factors, such as the child has a related disease, or is willing to sign for the consideration of civil compensation, then the family member has the intention to sign. ” Zhu Wei thinks. < / P > < p > “at present, the family members have signed a civil compensation agreement with the school. If there is no criminal content involved, the civil compensation agreement is effective. As far as the current situation is concerned, it is really hard to say whether the mathematics teacher involved in the follow-up will be investigated for criminal responsibility, because the cause of Zhang Ning’s death written in the notice of opinion on death issued by the police can not be defined as whether it was induced by external force. This may be due to Zhang Ning’s previous disease, or it may be caused by external force and stimulation. The family members did not get a complete opinion on Zhang Ning’s death appraisal, nor did they know the relevant criminal responsibility appraisal results, so it was temporarily impossible to define the relevant criminal responsibility. ” 08/17/2020