A sign that a woman’s fertility is declining may not be far away from you

According to the data of the World Health Organization, the infertility rate is as high as 15% – 20% in the world, and the number of infertile couples in China is as high as 15 million. Almost every eight couples of childbearing age are suffering from pregnancy difficulties, and the reasons are mostly made by themselves. Lily was born in a small mountain village. She was born in a poor family. With the help of her family, she managed to pass the college entrance examination and get out of the poor door. She tried to change her fate with her hands. She was determined to “establish a career first and then become a family”. < p > < p > since graduation, Lily has devoted herself to her work, staying up late and working overtime. It’s a common thing to go on a long-distance business trip. Fortunately, when she was 30 years old, Lily became the regional director as she wished. At this time, she had the energy to think about her life. Later, through a friend’s introduction, Lily finally found a home for her life. As she was over 30, Lily began to prepare for pregnancy soon after she got married. However, after a lot of trouble, she still had no news about her stomach. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that it was premature ovarian failure. It was very difficult to get pregnant naturally. After detailed understanding, the doctor told the culprit may be the previous high-pressure work, leading to long-term day and night reversal, irregular work and rest, thus leading to endocrine disorders and premature ovarian failure. According to obstetrics and Gynecology experts, menstruation is controlled by ovarian hormone function. Once endocrine disorder leads to imbalance of ovarian hormone function, menstruation will be disordered. However, behind women’s perception, maturation and excretion of eggs will be hindered, which will lead to difficulty in pregnancy. < p > < p > experts say that insomnia is caused by the uncoordinated function of cerebral cortex, which leads to the disorder of neurotransmitters in charge of sleep. Night sweats and insomnia in women indicate that the estrogen content in the body is significantly lower than the normal value. < p > < p > therefore, if women of childbearing age have night sweats and insomnia for a week or more, they need to be vigilant and seek medical treatment immediately to avoid damage to their fertility. < p > < p > dark lips and eye circles: it is mainly caused by uterine cold, which leads to endocrine disorders in the body, especially the disorder of ovarian secretion function, which is easy to reduce fertility. < / P > < p > generally, if the situation is not too serious, it will not have a significant impact on fertility, but if it is serious, it often indicates that infertility is not far away from you. < / P > < p > abortion will damage the basal layer of the uterus, leading to the thinning of the endometrium. If the postoperative recovery is not good, there is a risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis and endometritis. Experts say that with each additional abortion, the endometrium will further become thinner. Once the thickness is less than 7mm, the fertilized eggs will be difficult to implant. Even if the implantation is successful, it may be easy to habitual abortion. Even if the fertility of the fetus is low, it will lead to low fertility and poor fertility. < / P > < p > modern women have the habit of excessive craving for cool, whether they are wearing or eating. However, if the body is affected by the cold, the uterus is easy to be damaged, which will lead to endocrine disorder and reduce fertility. Therefore, women of childbearing age should not wear thin clothes because they are greedy for temporary beauty, and eat a large number of cold drinks because of the temporary comfort, so as to maintain the uterus and start from daily life. Therefore, in order to make pregnancy easier and give birth to a healthy baby, couples of childbearing age need to avoid the above-mentioned pit of fertility damage. 08/16/2020