A strong wind is coming! Closure of kindergartens and some special schools in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has just released a news bulletin saying that all face-to-face classes and school activities have been suspended due to the severe outbreak of the new coronavirus. Only some schools have started the new school year and have kept their buildings open to allow students who are not cared for at home to return to school. The schools concerned must implement contingency measures to take care of the students who have returned to the school and arrange for them to return home when it is safe.

according to Hong Kong’s “East network”, the tropical depression in the northeast of the South China Sea has intensified into a tropical storm named “haigauss”. The Hong Kong Observatory changed its signal of strong wind No.3 at 2.20 PM.

according to the observatory, the outer rain belt of “haigauss” is affecting the coast of Guangdong Province. According to the current forecast, the “haigauss” will pass within 150 km southwest of Hong Kong from tonight to tomorrow morning. At that time, strong winds will generally blow in Hong Kong, and strong winds will blow offshore and highlands. If haigos moves or continues to strengthen by taking a path closer to Hong Kong, the wind in Hong Kong will be further strengthened.

the observatory is assessing whether it will send out strong wind or Storm Signal No.8. Since the “haigauss” is closer to the coastal area than the actual path, the probability of sending out Typhoon Signal No.8 may be higher than the original one. Focus