A teacher in Lanxiang, Shandong Province, was expelled and fined more than 300000 yuan for dropping out of school?

Shandong Commercial Daily WeChat official account on October 20th reported, “which technology is strong to learn technology, Shandong, China to find Lan Xiang!” The advertising language of Shandong Lanxiang technician college is familiar. On the official website of Lanxiang cuisine college, the promise of “withdraw at any time if you are not satisfied” is listed, which also makes the students and their parents who come to sign up for the college more trust. However, recently, a head teacher of Lanxiang cuisine major said that he was expelled from the school because 10 students in a class he took over dropped out of school before and after the epidemic, and the teacher was also asked for compensation of more than 300000 yuan! < / P > < p > “the school suddenly found me this morning, saying that there were too many students in my class, and that I had handed in my class, so I would be expelled.” On September 30, the reporter came to Shandong Lanxiang technician college to interview. Mr. Li and his wife, who received the verbal notice of dismissal, were in the office, preparing to move their belongings. What Miss Li didn’t expect was that not only was he expelled, but also his wife. “In fact, my object is only the teachers of basic courses in the school, which has nothing to do with the class I bring.” As a teacher who has been engaged in teaching for nearly 17 years, Mr. Li manages a class of 64 students. He told reporters that 10 students have dropped out of the class this year. “I also tried to contact them and hoped that they would come back to study. However, due to the epidemic, many students’ family conditions were more difficult and could not afford the” tuition fees “of the second academic year. Even some families of poverty-stricken students could not even afford the living expenses of 600 yuan a month, so they stopped coming and went out to look for work.” Mr. Li told reporters that the school gave two reasons for his dismissal: one was that there were too many students in the class; the other was that he “privately” handed over his class to other teachers. “I didn’t hand over the class privately. Before that, I had a report with my direct leader, the dean of the Department, and the school responded that” the head of the Department only represents himself, not the school. ” Li told reporters that the school leaders said at the meeting that if students drop out of school, the head teacher should be “punished.”. According to the introduction, this part of the fine mainly includes two parts: one is that once a student drops out of school, the school will impose a fine of 2000 yuan per student on the teacher in charge of the class according to the number of students who drop out of school. For example, 10 students drop out of school, resulting in a fine of 20000 yuan; but at the same time, students drop out, causing losses to the school, even if the students do not come, It is also necessary to make up for the “arrears” that have not come later, which should be borne by the head teacher and the teachers of the whole department in accordance with a certain proportion. Therefore, the students who have not left school for less than 250000 years are not eligible for the tuition fee of RMB 125000. < / P > < p > “at the same time, there are three poverty alleviation students who have dropped out of school this year. They don’t need to pay tuition fees for studying in school, but the school still included them in my fine according to the standard of 37500 yuan per student.” Mr. Li told reporters that after his sudden dismissal, he did not get the legal compensation he claimed, but received a “fine” of more than 300000 yuan calculated by the personnel department of the school. “According to the school’s calculation, according to the number of students who dropped out of the class, the students’ tuition fees in arrears plus a fine of 20000 yuan. Finally, I have to pay over 330000 yuan to the school!” < p > < p > in view of the situation that 10 culinary students dropped out of school before and after the epidemic, the reporter called Wu Shengli, the person in charge of enrollment and publicity. Wu Shengli said, “we are all in accordance with the rules and regulations, individual students drop out mainly because the teacher did not teach well.” < / P > < p > “before students enter the school, we will tell them that if students apply to drop out because of teaching quality problems, we will refund the tuition; if it is for personal reasons, the tuition will not be refunded. This cooking major students drop out of school, is a very unique situation, mainly related to the teacher in charge of the class, he did not teach well Wu Shengli said. In response to the above-mentioned teacher’s decision to be dismissed, Wu Shengli explained that the teacher was an old teacher who had been teaching in the school for many years, and his teaching ability was no problem. Before that, the teaching management had been very good, but in recent years, the state was lax, and he deliberately did not teach well, and there were some bad ways to manage students. In addition, he came back from a period of time off and said that he could not lead the class Cause the class to drop out. < / P > < p > “before we made the decision to expel the teacher, we also investigated some students in his class and made a final decision after listening to and collecting the opinions of the students. The withdrawal of students in the class is entirely caused by the teacher himself, which is not the case in other classes. This has had an extremely bad impact on schools. ” < / P > < p > why should a teacher be fined more than 300000 yuan after being dismissed? What is the basis and standard of this so-called “fine”? Wu Shengli said that the penalty for teachers is mainly based on the “risk fund” system set up by the school, which is set up to put an end to the problems of teachers’ weak sense of responsibility, inadequate management and teaching. < p > < p > according to his introduction, the “risk fund” is paid together with the salary of teachers every month. As for the amount, it is different from the number of students in each major and class. “This” risk fund “can be regarded as a” double-edged sword “. If the teachers teach well and the students agree with them and continue to go to school, the money will be a bonus and will be given to the teacher. If the teacher does not teach well and the students violate the rules and regulations or even drop out of school, they should be deducted accordingly. This is why we have to recover compensation for the dismissal of teachers. Teachers do not teach well, leading to students drop out of school, causing great losses to the school, the school will naturally fine teachers However, in the end, Wu Shengli denied punishing Mr. Li by more than 300000 yuan. “Other teachers are not fined too much money. They are all fined from the” risk fund “. The purpose is to make the teachers have a correct attitude.” However, according to the reporter’s understanding, such punishment is not an example. During the investigation, the reporter found that not only Mr. Li, but also Mr. Liu, who had worked in Lanxiang for more than ten years, also faced such a situation. Mr. Liu told reporters that every year, Lan Xiang has more or less students dropping out of school. “If there are students who drop out of the Department, all teachers will be punished. For one student, we will be fined three or five hundred. If the students in our own class drop out, the amount will be higher, including three or five thousand.” Mr. Liu said that one of his students died in an accident during his class. Even in this case, he was required to make up for the student’s “tuition fee” of more than 40000 yuan, which he had to pay if he did not graduate normally. Finally, these fines were deducted from his salary. According to the two teachers, there are no written regulations on the loss bearing system of students’ dropping out of school and refund fees. They often only stay in the oral communication of morning meetings, and there are no strict standards in the specific implementation. < / P > < p > “isn’t Lanxiang called” quit at any time if you are not satisfied? “? When will our tuition fees be refunded? ” During the interview, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Wang, parents of the two college dropouts, raised such questions. < p > < p > the reporter noted that for the problem of students’ dropping out of school, Lan Xiang mentioned in this article published on the official website that “Shandong Lanxiang senior technical school has launched a school running mode of” free trial for one month, pay again if satisfied, and quit at any time if dissatisfied “in order to deepen the innovation of vocational education system and build a integrity platform for vocational education. On the front page of Lanxiang cuisine college, it is also clearly written that “if you are not satisfied for four years, you can return at any time” and “if you are not satisfied for three years, you can return at any time”. < / P > < p > when the reporter called the Consulting Hotline of Lanxiang cuisine college, the wiring teacher explained to the so-called “dissatisfaction” and “returning at any time” that “is related to the school, there is no classroom, no teacher, no equipment to return, students do not want to learn can not return.” “Two year students study in school for one and a half years, and intern outside for half a year. You can’t refund your tuition if you have learned everything.” “If you quit after graduation, how can you find a reason to quit you at that time?” < / P > < p > “it’s been on for more than a year, and I haven’t even sent out the textbooks. What else should I learn?” Ms. Zhang told reporters that the children went to school in July and went home in August. “The child thinks school is not good, enough learning.” < p > < p > Ms. Zhang told reporters that before entering school, the child saw Lan Xiang’s propaganda information from the Internet and offered to learn cooking techniques. In order to study in Lanxiang, the children need to take the train for three days and two nights to study in Jinan from home. < / P > < p > “I don’t have any opinions on the teacher. If the students have no teaching materials, the teacher will talk to the teaching plan, but the students don’t even have a place to take notes!” Ms. Zhang told reporters that at the beginning of the school, the students paid off the textbook fee at one time during the period of school. It’s hard to say that they didn’t issue textbooks for more than a year. Xiao Lei, another student identified as a dropout, has not come back to school since July this year. “The child is not feeling well and has been recuperating at home.” Mr. Wang, the father of the child, told reporters that it has not yet been determined whether or not to go back to continue to go to school. Xiao Lin, a poverty alleviation student contacted by the reporter, said that the teacher was able to teach well, and he dropped out of school because of family conditions. “My family couldn’t even afford 600 yuan of living expenses, so I didn’t go to school on time.” After Xiaolin’s family decided not to let him go back to Lanxiang to study, Xiaolin’s father also received several calls to persuade his children to go back to study. 08/16/2020