A woman’s delicacy, a hand to know

Looking through the movies at home at the weekend, there is a very impressive sentence:

in fact, I always use hand cream. I can wipe it all the year round. I’m 28 years old, and I’m proud of my white and slender hands. I look good wearing jewelry.

there is a saying in Britain: even if you don’t see the broken flowers of cath Kidston’s house on a person, you will see them in his house.

whether it’s hand cream or other products, cath Kidston is loved by her sisters with her fresh design and classic fragrance.

it also adds eucalyptus oil, star anise seed oil and avocado, which not only moisturizes the skin well, but also improves the darkness, making the hand skin white and smooth.

in addition to the classic flavor, cath Kidston also specially adjusted other flavor types. There are three flavors in a box, which make the aroma more attractive and hierarchical.

my father is a math teacher. He used to write on the blackboard with chalk. His fingers are long and have many barbs and fine lines. After giving it to him, his hands became soft and dry.

before painting, the moisture content was only 35%. After painting in the office, the moisture content doubled. After one afternoon, after washing hands several times, the moisture content was still 75%. Focus