Abdominal muscle always can’t practice? Abdominal muscle is very good to practice, find the right method can!

Introduction: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, wow, looking at other people’s six abdominal muscles, you may not help touching your belly, but find that, in addition to the round drum, you can’t compare with other people’s fat loss. Do you have any inferiority complex at this time? Want to have six abs? I think most people want to have it, but abdominal muscle training is by the way, why you always can’t practice abdominal muscle, in fact, you still find the right method. In a word, the abdominal muscles are actually very good to practice, so find the right method.

before targeted exercises, we should first carry out aerobic exercise for a period of time, which can effectively reduce our body fat rate. As we all know, when the body fat rate is controlled, our abdominal muscles will show their own shape, so we can jog for about 30 minutes before each exercise.

the high leg lifting exercise has a good effect on our abdominal and hip fat. We should carry out high leg lifting exercise for 10-20 minutes every day, and then carry out targeted training.

abdominal curling is an effective action to practice abdominal muscles. The difference is that when we get up, we only need to lift the upper back slightly. When we practice, we should pay attention to feel the abdominal force to avoid the situation of head, neck and arm borrowing.

the preparation posture of this action is similar to that of push-up, which is to support the body with the palms of our palms and forefeet, and then straighten the back and waist. When doing the movement, the knee joint alternates the front top, does three to four groups every day, each group carries on about 30 seconds, the effect is very good.

this movement mainly trains the side of our abdominal muscles, which is conducive to carving the shape of our abdominal muscles. In practice, pay attention to use our abdominal muscles to drive the upper body to swing left and right.

when doing this action, we need a pull-up bar as a device, such as a pull-up device. We hang the body on the top, rely on the strength of the abdominal muscles to lift the two legs to a horizontal position, adhere to 2 seconds after recovery.

abdominal muscle is a small muscle in our body. We must combine it with some large muscle groups when practicing, so as to better promote the growth of abdominal muscle.

it is not enough to rely on a single action to stimulate the abdominal muscles. In practice, we should stimulate the abdominal muscles in an all-round way to better carve the shape of abdominal muscles.

conclusion: abdominal muscles are always hard to train? In fact, the abdominal muscles are very good, as long as we find the right way to put it. For example, rope skipping, running, high leg raising, belly rolling, prone mountaineering, supine foot touching and other movements are good training methods. In practice, we should also pay attention to all-round stimulation of abdominal muscles, combined exercise of the whole body muscle groups, and pay attention to reducing body fat, so that our abdominal muscles will soon be trained! CUISINE&HEALTH