Abnormal urine, the doctor said that the kidney has been “full of holes”, advise you to accept these tips

Introduction: in the ward, reporter Zhang interviewed Xiao Wang’s parents. Seeing the red and swollen eyes of Xiao Wang’s parents, it was heartbreaking. The couple’s 25-year-old son suffered from acute renal failure, which was unexpected. From Xiao Wang’s mother’s mouth, Xiao Wang’s recent urine loss, each time the amount of urine decreased, urination, will be accompanied by mild pain. The couple brought their son to the hospital for examination, only to learn that Xiaowang uric acid was much higher than ordinary people, and had symptoms of renal failure. The reason is that Xiao Wang usually drinks less water, but takes drinks as a way of drinking water. He drinks carbonated drinks for a long time, which leads to the occurrence of kidney disease with high uric acid. < / P > < p > an important sign of renal failure is usually obstructed urination and exertion. If this symptom is ignored, kidney stones and other symptoms will appear for a long time, which has a great impact on urination. < / P > < p > is because the body accumulates too much uric acid salt, the body can not be discharged normally, so only a small amount of urine can be discharged, so the naked eye can see that the urine is turbid. < / P > < p > the cause of the disease is that the uric acid in the body is too high, which can cause joint swelling and joint pain. Gouty arthritis common parts are: fingers, toes, knees. < / P > < p > the biggest killer of any disease is water. The benefits of water to the human body can’t be said for three days and three nights. Keeping eight glasses of water a day is the most basic kidney conditioning trick. Hot water and cold water can be used, and carbonated drinks can be rejected. Exercise is the best way to adjust the metabolism of the body, which is helpful to quickly excrete uric acid and help the kidney recover health. It can also improve the quality of sleep and reduce the symptoms of increased nocturia. < / P > < p > the structure of the kidney is relatively complex, uric acid salt is fond of precipitation, which will affect the renal filtration system, easily lead to uric acid nephritis, kidney damage, and serious renal failure, uremia and other diseases. Drinking more water can help the kidney filter and detoxify. Add the kidney nourishing formula recommended by experts into the drinking water. For example, Sun Simiao recorded that chicory, gardenia, Pueraria, mulberry leaves, etc. these ancient Chinese medicine recipes have lasted for thousands of years, and modern Chinese medicine still uses this formula. In drinking more water at the same time to keep the kidney well, the principle of drug and food homology is introduced below. Cichorium intybus: essential food for human body to excrete uric acid, which has a great effect on inhibiting and dissolving uric acid, has diuretic effect, has obvious effect on anuria and oliguria, and can eliminate body edema. Gardenia jasminoides Ellis: it is beneficial to relieve urination pain and diuresis, reduce uric acid content, protect kidney, and inhibit the damage to kidney caused by stone accumulation. Pueraria lobata root: a good tonic for kidney, has a high effect on the treatment of kidney yin deficiency and yang deficiency, which contains a large number of nutrients needed by the kidney and regulates endocrine disorders. < / P > < p > with the rapid development of modern society, people usually don’t make tea for drinking. After all, the production of food materials also consumes a lot of time. Therefore, some chicory Gardenia tea bags can be selected and directly put into the water cup to brew with boiling water. It can be drunk in a few minutes. It is efficient and convenient to meet the needs of the current environment. Conclusion: kidney is very important for both men and women! The protection of kidney and physical health can not be ignored. While you are still young, you must cherish the opportunity to stop loss in time. Drink more water and exercise more. Don’t wait for minor illness to accumulate enough to threaten life before you know its importance. 08/16/2020