About the matter of removing makeup and beautifying skin, Sun Yi is also very good at it!

More and more stars have joined the ranks of beauty bloggers, sharing their skin care experience with fans on social platforms. Many female stars who have abandoned the burden of idols and dare to face the camera with plain face are more generous in sharing their own steps of removing makeup… How come the female stars who have taken off makeup are still in such a good state! < p > < p > Sun Yi once talked with Amway fans on Xiaohong book more than once about her favorite make-up remover. Makeup remover and makeup remover capsules will be selected according to different makeup states of the day. < / P > < p > when removing make-up, you should also pay attention to the technique. Gently wipe off the makeup on the cheek along the texture of the skin. When it comes to the delicate area around the eyes, you should be more careful. Not only is the movement of the hand super soft, but also carefully check the position of the corner of the eye and the root of the eyelashes to ensure the removal is clean. < p > < p > gulinaza’s make-up removal technique needs selective reference. It is not recommended to tear off the false eyelashes directly by hand. It is recommended that sisters with false eyelashes should apply cotton flakes and special eye lip makeup remover on the eyes for 20-30s, and then remove the false eyelashes after the glue itself falls off the skin. < / P > < p > Lin Yun, who pays special attention to skin cleaning, is also very experienced in removing makeup. Before that, he has given everyone attention. Amway has used a “super good make-up remover” – Eve LOM’s classic cleansing cream. < / P > < p > there are a little particles in the cream. After full massage on the face, the make-up will be completely dissolved. After three times of hot compress with the cotton cloth, it will be washed off. The face feels smooth and smooth, and it is especially comfortable. < / P > < p > many sisters like beauty products with light skin feeling, and makeup removal products are no exception. Therefore, it is recommended to use make-up remover for daily light make-up. It does not need emulsification process, and the face is very fresh after use.

for those who usually go out and only wear a sunscreen and don’t make eye makeup, it’s the most convenient to wipe them off directly from work after work. But if you are going out with full makeup, you will use some waterproof makeup and mascara, and the makeup remover ability of makeup remover is not enough. < / P > < p > makeup remover oil or cream is more suitable for removing the waterproof, sweat resistant and strong makeup holding capacity of color makeup. The amount is generally in the size of a dollar coin. Rub it evenly in the center of the hand, and then put it on the face. Massage the nose, forehead, chin and other places that are prone to oil and blackhead can be massaged. < / P > < p > the massage time should not be too long. The makeup on the face can be fully dissolved before cleaning. The water temperature for washing is also particular. The slightly warm water temperature can make the pores fully open and clean. It can also promote the emulsification of make-up remover and make-up removal more convenient.

because of the delicate skin around the eyes, the technique must be gentle when removing makeup, and it needs collocation with special eye and lip makeup remover. First wet apply on the eyes for about 30 seconds, so that the Waterproof Eyeliner and mascara will naturally melt away. < / P > < p > if the eyelash root, inner and outer corners of the eye and other details are not completely removed, it is time to take out the cotton swab! Use a cotton swab dipped in eye and lip makeup remover against the direction of skin texture to gently remove eye makeup. < / P > < p > when removing facial make-up, do not use too much force. If you use makeup remover, you must wet the cotton pad fully, and then wipe it gently from bottom to top and from middle to both sides. Do not rub back and forth in circles to avoid pulling the skin. < / P > < p > makeup remover oil or Makeup Remover Cream can avoid pulling the skin when removing makeup to a greater extent, but you can’t be too anxious when cleaning, just add water to emulsify a little bit, and then use the way of making a circle to thoroughly emulsify the makeup remover and then rinse it. The whole face will be completely removed. < / P > < p > the face is one of the parts with the least amount of exercise in our whole body. In order to avoid pulling the skin, we usually don’t make too much expression or deliberately exercise the muscles of the face. Therefore, once the rest is not good, the lines of the face will be relaxed. < / P > < p > therefore, we suggest that we should not be lazy if we have time. We should take the ten minutes after removing makeup and before going to bed to do facial massage. Moreover, the golden 10 minutes after makeup removal is the most suitable for skin to absorb nutrients, because at this time the skin is the cleanest and the pores are the most transparent. Seize this 10 minutes of golden skin beauty time, we can make our skin care every day with half the effort. When

massage, you can choose special massage cream or essence oil. The cream with heavy texture is also acceptable. It is a little warmer in palm, then massage evenly from bottom to top, press and pull along the outline or lymph direction, or like Sun Yi, using scraping board to assist is also acceptable. < / P > < p > you can refer to the following “line lifting method”: lift along the three lines from the mandibular angle to the earlobe, the corner of the mouth to the sideburns, and the nose to the temple. Pay attention to the need to evenly exert force in the process of repeated massage to relieve the tight skin on the face and neck, accelerate the blood circulation, and make the skin more compact. < / P > < p > it is clean and gentle. It can quickly dissolve eye makeup without irritating the eyes. Even the hard to remove makeup can be easily removed, and the skin is very refreshing. < / P > < p > friends who are used to wearing full make-up must start with a makeup remover! This makeup remover oil is gentle on the face and has a fast emulsification speed. After emulsification, rinse the face with water and it will be clean without oil residue and tight feeling. < / P > < p > strong ability to remove make-up, it can quickly dissolve the whole face of the color make-up, after full massage, you need to press three times with a warm washcloth, and then rinse it directly. After use, the skin is soft and smooth, very transparent and delicate. < / P > < p > the texture of this massage cream is very mellow, the elegant fragrance of Epiphyllum with a quiet wood fragrance, in the process of massage, you can feel the fatigue of the whole day is gradually removed, and the whole person is relaxed.

is convenient for daily use or business trip. Wet wipes are soft and the contents of makeup remover are enough. One can remove all face make-up, and hard to remove mascara can also be removed at one time. Luanban