Academician Li Lanjuan: antiviral treatment for hepatitis B patients may need to be more active

Hepatitis B is a controllable infectious disease, and the key steps of control include regular monitoring and timely antiviral treatment. Antiviral treatment is considered to be the key step to inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus, repair the liver inflammation of hepatitis B patients, prevent the progression of hepatitis B patients, improve liver function and prevent the transformation of hepatitis B to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

according to the changes of hepatitis B treatment standards in China in recent years, Academician Li Lanjuan and other experts put forward: maybe we should be more active in the antiviral treatment of hepatitis B patients, so as to improve the patient’s condition and prolong the patient’s life.

in this paper, we compared the changes of antiviral indications in the past and in the present, in order to reflect which aspects of antiviral therapy should be used more actively.

in the past, it was considered that the HBV DNA load was high enough, the transaminase was abnormal and more than twice the normal value, and the duration was more than 6 months. Antiviral treatment was recommended.

now we think that as long as you can detect hepatitis B virus DNA and have abnormal liver function, and exclude the abnormal liver function caused by other diseases, antiviral treatment is recommended.

liver cancer is a disease with genetic tendency. People with family history of liver cancer should be treated with antiviral therapy as long as HBV DNA can be detected and they are older than 30 years old. This was and is the same.

I believe that many hepatitis B patients have such experience. When they know that they are sick, their mentality will change. Whether they are physically or psychologically, they always feel uncomfortable everywhere. This is what we often call “hypochondriac mentality”. This negative emotion will affect the internal environment of our body and disturb our normal immune function, so as to develop the disease And the recovery process caused great reaction, and even accelerate the development of the disease.

so in our daily life, if we want to completely defeat hepatitis B, it is very important to have an optimistic attitude. In terms of mental maintenance, patients can choose to do more things they like, such as listening to music, singing, and communicating with others. Only when we have a good mentality, can we really live a long and healthy life.

ingredients: 3 G Tibetan ginseng + 3 G Yuan Lu CaO + 6 pieces of 100 stubble Chinese wolfberry. Soak the three ingredients in warm water for 5 minutes, and then drink them directly. You can brew them repeatedly until they are colorless and tasteless.

in this decoction, the root of arundinacea contains protein, lecithin, choline, polysaccharide and other effective components, which can enhance the physiological activity of the body tissues, promote the function of the human immune system, induce and promote the production of interferon and leucomodulin, indirectly anti-virus and anti-tumor, reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and protect the liver and reduce the enzyme.

repair of liver tissue: it has a good protective effect on liver tissue, can repair damaged liver tissue, promote the production of liver cells, and restore liver function.

inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus: make hepatitis B virus completely lose the ability of replication and reproduction, and reduce the transaminase. Finally, it is possible to achieve the goal of treatment of hepatitis B, whether it is large or small three Yang may turn negative.

Lycium barbarum L. has strong antioxidant activity, can stabilize the liver cell membrane, and then promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, so as to reduce the transaminase in the human blood and reduce the damage to the liver caused by excessive transaminase.

if we can develop good living habits in our daily life, we can also help us to raise our liver well in this case.

after suffering from hepatitis B, if we often stay up late to drink, then in this case, hepatitis B will only become more and more serious, and even endanger our life safety, so we must pay more attention to it. Once we have hepatitis B, we must remember to cultivate good living habits. For example, we need to pay more attention to our diet and give up more Bad living habits, drinking and staying up late are not allowed.