Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences: put a handful of boiled water, which can be called natural “penicillin”. Chronic pharyngitis will not be disturbed

Mr. Sun, 36, is a math teacher in senior three. He likes smoking when he is under great pressure. After work, he is often one by one. One morning in class, Mr. Sun’s throat was itchy and coughed more than once. He couldn’t speak at all. When he got to the hospital, after a series of examinations, he was diagnosed as chronic simple pharyngitis.

chronic pharyngitis is a kind of disease with high incidence in life. For example, teachers, white-collar workers, traffic police, singers, tour guides, smokers, etc., are easily troubled by chronic pharyngitis. Once chronic pharyngitis attacks, it will cause serious damage to the body and affect normal work and life. Therefore, we need to understand the signs of chronic pharyngitis, so as to realize early understanding and early prevention.

after getting up in the morning, we often go to brush our teeth. If we can feel obvious nausea when brushing the tongue coating, we should pay attention to it. It may be caused by chronic pharyngitis. A common symptom of chronic pharyngitis is nausea and vomiting after getting up in the morning, especially when brushing the tongue coating.

when chronic pharyngitis occurs, the throat will be stimulated by inflammation, causing itching, accompanied by irritating dry cough. You can feel foreign bodies in your throat. If you want to cough up, you can’t swallow it again. Therefore, when you get up in the morning, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

after suffering from chronic pharyngitis, it will cause damage to the throat. When speaking, the throat will feel unbearable pain, hoarseness, pitch coarsening, and even loss of voice in serious cases. Therefore, in the morning found throat pain unbearable, hoarseness, to see a doctor as soon as possible, at the same time to protect the health of the throat.

when chronic pharyngitis occurs, the throat will be damaged and infection will occur. At this time, sputum will increase, especially the thick sputum. With the continuous aggravation of chronic pharyngitis, the sputum in throat will be more and more. You will feel that there is sputum adhering to the throat after getting up in the morning. You should check it as soon as possible.

avoid chronic pharyngitis, protect the throat, and eat more food for relieving cough, promoting pharynx, resolving phlegm and eliminating inflammation. In this paper, the author records a therapeutic prescription with clove as the main food material and Guangxi rock osmanthus on this basis, which can be called natural “penicillin”.

specific methods: take appropriate amount of clove, crush it, ferment it with black tea process, and then put it into gauze tea bag together with Osmanthus fragrans, and drink it with boiling water every day, which can relieve inflammation and cough, and keep away from chronic pharyngitis.

dietotherapy is an effective method to prevent and slow down chronic pharyngitis. If you drink it for a long time, it can remove phlegm and relieve cough, moisten the lung and eliminate inflammation, repair damaged pharyngitis mucosa, and help you fight back chronic pharyngitis.

drinking water is a common and effective way to keep healthy. Drink more water in life, can moisten throat, avoid throat dry cough, can relieve chronic pharyngitis.

spicy food can stimulate the throat, cause inflammation, and increase the risk of chronic pharyngitis. Therefore, if you want a healthy throat, try to eat less spicy food. At the same time, we should also maintain oral hygiene, avoid excessive bacteria in the mouth and aggravate chronic pharyngitis.

in case of haze or serious air pollution, try to wear a mask when going out to avoid harmful substances in the air from irritating the throat, which is very helpful to prevent chronic pharyngitis. Focus