Acute phase of cerebral infarction, convalescent period, what precautions should we pay attention to respectively? Make it clear this time!

Sudden cerebral infarction, the first time to dial 120, to the hospital diagnosis of cerebral infarction, must cooperate with the doctor thrombolysis or thrombectomy, this time do not pick and choose, do not procrastinate. Because time is life, the shorter the opening time of blood vessels, the more damage and sequelae can be reduced, which is conducive to rehabilitation. At present, it is considered that it is better to send the patients to the hospital within 3 hours, no more than 4.5 hours, and more than 6 hours at the latest. < / P > < p > most patients with cerebral infarction have various symptoms. If the blood vessels are opened early, they can recover. After the acute phase, the next important stage is the functional recovery period, that is to restore their various normal functions through exercise. In the first three months after the onset of the disease, functional recovery is the fastest. Under the guidance of doctors, according to the specific loss or decline of function, such as upper limbs, lower limbs, walking, speaking and so on, these functions are lost. Develop training programs suitable for their own rehabilitation. 6 months after cerebral infarction is the best time for rehabilitation. 3 months after cerebral infarction, motor function will be significantly improved. Most patients’ motor function and cognitive ability recover within 6 months after onset. < / P > < p > from acute cerebral infarction, it has entered the normal treatment, and the regular treatment is the most important guarantee to prevent cerebral infarction again. For atherosclerotic cerebral infarction, aspirin and statins should be taken. For thromboexfoliative cerebral infarction, warfarin, dabigatran or rivaroxaban should be taken for anticoagulation. For all patients with three high levels, it is the basis to control the three highs. At the same time, we should adhere to healthy life, quit smoking and drinking, control weight, exercise properly, eat low salt, low oil and low sugar, so as to prevent plaque aggravation and prevent cerebral infarction again. To put it simply: as long as you eat it without allergy, you can eat it; but you must adjust the proportion and put the principle of low salt, low oil and low sugar as the basis, not what you can’t eat. < / P > < p > eating anything doesn’t mean that you can eat recklessly, because a healthy diet is conducive to preventing diseases, and unhealthy diets can breed diseases. In particular, high salt, high oil, high sugar, high fat and high calorie diet will increase the risk of three high risks and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eat less of all these foods, such as fat, viscera, fried, desserts, crisps, too much red meat, pickles, high salt foods, etc. < p > < p > of course, meat can be eaten in the diet, but red meat such as pigs, cattle, sheep and other red meat should be appropriately reduced, and there can be more peeled poultry, fish and so on. In the diet, more coarse grains, coarse grains, fruits and vegetables should be added. < / P > < p > 2. Broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, rape seed oil, palm melon, coriander seed, cucumber skin, Sonchus sonchifolia, mustard leaf, kiwi fruit, lettuce leaf, mint leaf, green mustard, citrus oil, parsley, beans, pistachio, purple lavender, spinach leaf, onion, soybean, soybean oil, tea, green turnip or water celery, all of which can affect the effect of warfarin, Also need to control a constant amount or not to eat! In short, patients with cerebral infarction in acute phase should remember to open blood vessels early; in rehabilitation period, remember to strengthen rehabilitation training; to prevent cerebral infarction again, it is best to take medicine regularly, control three high, live a healthy life, and regularly review. < / P > < p > the diet is mainly low salt, low oil and low sugar, and there is a variety of food, and there is no absolutely forbidden food. However, patients who take warfarin need to pay attention to it. Many foods will affect the efficacy and must be paid attention to. 20