Advise people with long spots: three kinds of food should be restrained, the more you eat the more spots, help you to get under the “spot”!

Diet has a long-term impact on the skin, which is a living habit with great influence. For people who often eat high calorie and junk food, their skin is naturally oily and full of acne and spots. Girls who often eat more vegetables and fruits and are rich in vitamins will naturally have delicate and smooth skin. < / P > < p > it doesn’t mean that you only eat vegetables and not meat, and meat should also be eaten. If you don’t eat trace elements, it’s not enough, but try to avoid puffing and fried food, which are harmful to your skin. It doesn’t matter if you eat it a few times occasionally. As the main meal for a long time, it will certainly affect your body and skin. But there are three kinds of food is absolutely to avoid eating, because it is easy to cause the appearance of color spots. Songhua eggs are salted duck eggs. Most of them are added with lead oxide in the process of processing, so it is easy to cause heavy metal poisoning and accelerate the deposition of facial pigment, which is also one of the main culprits of long spots. < / P > < p > chocolate is a kind of food with strong light absorption, which will deposit melanin on the skin and produce color spots. Moreover, chocolate is a high calorie food, which can easily lead to obesity and endocrine disorders, thus increasing the possibility of long spots. Although tuna is rich in nutrients, it is easy to convert protein and unsaturated fatty acids into tyrosinase in vivo, thus promoting the precipitation and production of pigment. < / P > < p > this is the rose white flavone, which has deer embryo, wolfberry fruit, Cordyceps sinensis, grape seed extract, Angelica dahurica and other main components to whiten and lighten spots; the deer embryo component has the function of regulating endocrine, promoting blood circulation to achieve light spots, and accelerating the metabolism of fat, which is conducive to our body management. Combined with antioxidant grape seed proanthocyanidins, it can clear free radicals, protect melanocytes and reduce melanin synthesis induced by ultraviolet rays. < p > < p > The Rose White flavone also has ingredients of donkey hide gelatin peptide and bird’s nest peptide; it can nourish yin and blood, promote blood circulation, inhibit the production of melanin tyrosinase and produce whitening effect, accelerate the fade of color spots, and chloasma dare not disturb you. < / P > < p > excessive sun exposure can easily lead to excessive melanin production, resulting in pigmentation and color spots. Daily life to wear a good sun hat, sunglasses, hold a good sun umbrella, sun cream. It’s a long spot. It can’t be prevented. < / P > < p > when progesterone and estrogen increase in women, they promote local pigmentation. Usually must be on time to rest, pay attention to adjust their endocrine, especially in the period of easy spot. < / P > < p > many girls love beauty and begin to make up in adolescence. If the use of lead and mercury, poor quality cosmetics, easy to aggravate the formation of color spots. < / P > < p > experts remind that you should remove your makeup as soon as possible after you go home. Do not wait until you go to bed before you remove your make-up. Moreover, you should remove your makeup thoroughly, so as to avoid residual cosmetics and causing pore clogging. Information sharing for epilepsy patients