Ady Ann Tucao husband let the child make complaints about the cat’s food: Dad brings the baby alive.

According to Taiwan media reports, an Yixuan and Chen Ronglian, CEO of Macao Dejin group, have been married for three years. Her son 66 just turned 1 last month. She is pregnant with a second child. Her family were originally in Macao. However, an Yixuan had heart problems and could not sleep well in the past week. She has returned to Taiwan with her husband and son for relevant examinations. Yesterday was father’s day. She shared a film about 66 children who ate cat food by mistake and her husband was in a hurry to make up for her son’s crying. She made a funny comment on “it’s better for Dad to live with her baby.”.

this time, 66 were eating cat food. When the man was not at the scene, an Yixuan only heard his son crying and adjusted the monitor to see what was going on. Afraid of her worry, Chen Ronglian said, “Oh, it’s OK. Cat food is nothing.” An Yixuan teased him back: “is it really OK? You don’t think so. I’ll feed you cat food with milk for breakfast from tomorrow

an Yixuan’s family was originally in Macao, but an Yixuan had a heart attack and couldn’t sleep well in the past week. She got the safety report in Macao before flying back to Taiwan. Currently, she is in Taipei for home quarantine. She said that the original plan was to come back at the end of August, but her father’s 60th birthday, her old grandmother fell down a few days ago, and her heart was not feeling well. Worried family members wanted her to come back early and have a detailed production inspection. Chen Ronglian suspended Macao business and accompanied her with 66.