Afraid of children losing at the starting line? There’s a parent pushing her out of TiC!

An 8-year-old child, because of squeezing eyes for a period of time, went to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed conjunctivitis, his mother feedback that the eye drops did not work. Recently, parents took their children to Guangdong 61 children’s hospital. After professional testing and expert evaluation, the child was diagnosed with tic.

it is understood that the 8-year-old should have been a lively and active age, but because of his future studies, his parents asked him to attend various kinds of learning guidance classes. If the child was not willing, the parents tried their best to force the child to participate in various kinds of learning. According to traditional Chinese medicine, sitting for a long time can damage the spleen and stomach, which is easy to form spleen deficiency. Lack of liver blood will cause blinking.

experts from Guangdong 61 children’s Hospital pointed out that children need to release energy and pressure through exercise, but normal channels are blocked, and they will show up from abnormal channels, which is probably one of the main reasons for the formation of TiC children.

the incidence rate of Tourette syndrome has increased year by year, which has brought great pain to children and parents. What is Tourette syndrome in children?

Tourette’s syndrome, also known as Tourette’s syndrome, is a complex chronic neuropsychiatric disorder that starts in childhood. Clinical manifestations include blinking, frowning, grinning, nose shrugging, neck lifting, shoulder twisting and throat clearing and dry cough. The throat emits strange calls, some unclear syllables, words or sentences, or swearing words. In severe cases, limbs and bodies appear Explosive movements such as kicking, stomping, etc.

according to relevant reports in China, the prevalence rate of tic is 1% – 4%, that is, in areas with high prevalence, there are 4 tic patients for every 100 people. The prevalence rate is higher in foreign countries. The incidence rate was highest before the age of 18 and the age of 4-12.

the incidence of male is more than female, 3-5:1, and the course of disease is long. Sometimes it can relieve itself for a period of time, but it will aggravate when encountering tension, anxiety, fatigue and lack of sleep. The intelligence of the children was normal.

some children are afraid or unwilling to have normal interaction and communication with teachers or classmates due to Tourette’s syndrome, and even have weariness of learning and affect normal learning.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that tic syndrome is caused by congenital deficiency, postnatal loss of nourishment, invasion of external evils, injury of seven emotions, improper diet, and excessive academic pressure. The location of the disease is in the liver, which often involves the heart, spleen and kidney.

he said, “the aquatic liver wood is weathered, the wood controls the spleen and soil, and the stomach is the viscera of the spleen. Therefore, there is wind in the stomach, and the Qi is growing gradually. The symptoms of the gall are as follows: the shoulders are slightly shrunk, the hands are drooping, and they are shaking again and again. Because the liver is strong and the spleen is weak, the blood deficiency can not nourish the muscles, and if the blood deficiency does not honor the tendons, tendon contracture will occur, so the neck and shoulder will be twisted. The abdomen twitches and the hands and feet vibrate slightly.

he said, “if a disease is new or long, it will lead to liver wind. The wind will move up on the head, and the head will belong to the liver. The liver wind will enter into the eyes. It will be like the wind blowing up, down, left and right. It is neither light nor heavy, nor can the child be allowed to do anything, so it can even be ligated.”. The liver opens its orifices in the eyes and stores blood in the liver. If the liver blood is insufficient, it generates internal wind, and the liver wind moves internally, so frequent blinking occurs.

he said, “the lip is the flower of the spleen, and the mouth is the orifice of the spleen, and the veins of Yang Ming ring the lips and the mouth. Among people, Yang Ming stomach is also due to the deficiency of the spleen and stomach. This disease is not only after the disease.”. Liver wood takes advantage of the spleen and soil while grinning and lip wriggling. The liver Qi is stagnant, and it invades the spleen. The spleen is not healthy. Phlegm is turbid and endogenous. It goes against the brain and blinds the mind. Therefore, there is more than foul language.

1. Affecting physical function: long time twitching of children causes muscle deformity or rigidity in eyes, lips, neck, limbs and other parts of children with tic, even trauma. Some children will have headache, urination, self mutilation and other behaviors.

2. Impact on mental health: Children’s strange twitch behavior is often ridiculed and ridiculed by classmates and peers, which will cause great harm to children’s physical and mental development. As time goes by, children will become isolated and refuse to contact with others. They will also have hostility towards mockers and even revenge. Some children with tic will develop into schizophrenia in adulthood.

3. Influence on learning ability: frequent twitching leads to inability to concentrate on class, homework will also be done very slowly, and even can not complete the homework, affecting children’s academic performance. Involuntarily speaking affects the classroom discipline, also causes the teachers and students do not understand, ridicule, will let the child appear tired of school, truant.

4. Impact on social function: if the children can not get timely and effective treatment, with the growth of age, the scope of social interaction and interpersonal communication will gradually expand, and the twitch can not be controlled, which will lead to inferiority complex, social disorder, stuttering and behavior and discipline problems, which will seriously affect their social and interpersonal communication ability.

5. Influencing behavior ability: twitching is beyond the control of children. According to the survey, about a quarter of children with tic have indecent behavior. Tic patients also have different degrees of lying, playing truant, stealing, injuring animals, damaging property, and injuring others.

1. It’s natural to grow up without treatment. This “self-healing theory” requires certain conditions. But when the onset of more than two months, the etiology is not clear, it is difficult to self-healing. Even if the cause of disease has been removed, because the body function has been maladjusted, it is difficult to heal without medication.

2. Tic can not be cured. Tic is a kind of chronic mental disease. Parents should not worry about what problems children with tic will fall down when they grow up. The habitual tic behavior of most children has no impact on children’s mental activities and physical health. As long as parents know how to treat children correctly, and carry out appropriate conditioning and treatment, children’s tic behavior will be improved and cured.

3. It’s a bad habit for children to learn. It’s better to force their behavior. Many parents think that children’s twitch symptoms are bad habits of their children’s learning. If they are strict with their children’s learning, if they are not good enough, they will hit them. This kind of understanding is even more a manifestation of parents’ ignorance. Sometimes, beating and scolding can only aggravate the disease.

4. If tic is diagnosed, it is necessary to take medicine according to the doctor’s will, especially western medicine treatment. To achieve the therapeutic effect and maintain the blood drug concentration, you can’t stop the medicine without permission, let alone add or reduce the amount. The nonstandard medication method, dosage and course of treatment will directly affect the treatment effect, and at the same time, it will cause obvious side effects of drugs due to non-standard.

5. Whether western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine treatment, disease is a process of development, saying that a method can definitely cure or can not be cured is lack of basis. Traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses physical therapy such as acupoint physiotherapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, ear point pressing beans, intradermal acupuncture and other physical therapies according to the individual’s constitution and disease conditions. TCM treatment means comprehensively regulate the etiology and pathogenesis, which not only improves the curative effect, but also greatly reduces the recurrence rate of the disease. It is safe and reliable with obvious advantages.

1. Strengthen the publicity and education of eugenics and good breeding to avoid emotional excitement and upper respiratory tract infection of pregnant women. During pregnancy, we should not abuse drugs, put an end to inbreeding, prevent birth injury, and actively do a good job in the prevention and health care of children with Tourette’s disease.

3. Children with Tourette’s syndrome should be nutritious and easy to digest and absorb. They should eat more foods rich in brain and vitamins, and eat less or less food containing lead, drinks and snacks containing pigment and preservatives.

4. From childhood, we should cultivate good living and learning habits, work and rest on time, pay attention to the training of concentration, cultivate the correct learning attitude and interest of children with tic.

5. Attention should be paid to family education methods, parents’ harsh and compulsory education methods, excessive doting and over protection, and care and interference in everything can make children in a state of tension for a long time, easy to develop bad habits of willfulness, irritability and poor attention, and eventually lead to the occurrence of tic.

6. We should pay attention to the influence of schools and teachers. In addition, the school should adopt rich and colorful teaching contents to cultivate children’s ability and interest, so as to prevent the physical and mental fatigue of children caused by heavy homework burden. Next