After 100 days of pregnancy, these two parts of the baby have been formed, one is about intelligence, the other is about appearance

In 100 days of pregnancy, it is an important stage of fetal development, many pregnant mothers do not know, at this stage, some aspects of the fetus have been determined.

the first three months of pregnancy is a very critical period, which is not only unstable, but also the peak of teratogenesis and pregnancy vomiting. At the same time, some aspects of the fetus are also gradually developed in this stage.

studies have shown that: after 19 days of fertilization, the fetal neuroembryo gradually forms, its brain tissue also forms, and the nervous system is growing rapidly.

in the early stage of pregnancy, it is an important stage for the brain development of the fetus in the abdomen. At this time, the nervous system of the brain begins to develop gradually. If the nervous system of the brain develops better, then the intelligence of the baby will be higher after birth.

precautions for pregnant mothers: pregnant mothers must not miss this stage. Supplementing folic acid can not only prevent malformations, but also help the development and maturity of fetal brain nerves.

peanuts can also be rich in calcium, fatty acids, lysine and a variety of trace elements, which can promote the blood circulation of pregnant women, and lysine is very good for the development of fetal brain cells.

in addition, the nutritional value of fish is very rich, pregnant mother often eat will not appear fat, and contains more protein, can promote the development of baby intelligence.

in today’s face society, parents want their children to have high face value, but in fact, the baby’s face value is largely affected by the parents’ genetic factors, and it has basically taken shape at 100 days of pregnancy.

at the beginning, the five features of the fetus are connected together. After continuous rapid development, the tissue cells of the fetus gradually begin to differentiate and divide. Until the 50th day of pregnancy, the facial features, such as eyes, nose and ears, have begun to take shape; around the 60th day of pregnancy, the tooth shape and jaw begin to appear; around the 100th day of pregnancy, the five features have basically formed.

but pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following: if the belly is impacted or stimulated during pregnancy, it is likely to lead to the birth of the baby with birthmarks and cleft lip. Therefore, pregnant mothers must be extra careful.

in addition to avoiding collision, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers had better not make up, dye their hair and beautify their nails, because they contain a lot of chemicals and additives that can easily damage the fetus.

the birth of a new life is full of magic and greatness. When a woman learns that she is pregnant, she is excited, excited and nervous at the same time.

after pregnancy, as the body slowly changes, the abdomen bulges a little bit, and a vivid, small life takes root and sprouts in the body. In this long 280 days, what changes are happening to the baby every day? Pregnant mothers must be curious.

in addition, an illustrated daily life guidance for pregnant women can help them understand how to ensure their own nutrition and the nutrition that the fetus needs, what problems they need to pay attention to in life details, and what psychological and emotional preparations they need to make.

for example, how to take care of yourself and your baby, how to avoid negligence and accidents When all kinds of discomfort begin to attack you, or when negative emotions can’t be relieved and released, pregnant mothers can find ways to deal with it in books, which may make it “suddenly clear”.

the contents of the book are explained in detail, and there are many small columns such as “intimate reminders of pregnancy and childbirth experts” and “special reminders”, so that pregnant mothers can understand the precautions during pregnancy without too much energy, so as to spend a practical, scientific and healthy pregnancy.

in the early stage of pregnancy, especially in the first 100 days of pregnancy, it is a critical period for the growth and development of the baby. No matter the development of various organs of the body or the nervous system of the brain, it is gradually formed in this stage. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to it, take good care of it, and provide a good development environment for the baby in the abdomen. 08/16/2020