After 1995, Chinese version of Kardashian became popular because of DMS competition, and was sealed up. Netizen: I can

Liu Taiyang is a fitness referee who has been popular all over the net recently. In the DMS Championship just ended in July, the referee snatched the limelight of the contestants with perfect muscle lines, which was the first time in a fitness competition. The reason why she has such charm is that Liu Taiyang is different from other Chinese girls who take thin as beauty. Her weight reached 130 Jin, height 178, three girth 103, 69, 96, so many women think that overweight figure, but in Liu Taiyang can charm thousands of homestead men, thousands of netizens scrambled to say: this figure I can! Liu Taiyang not only has a charming figure, but also has been labeled with many dazzling labels: Miss World Tourism champion, Global Tourism Promotion Ambassador and netizens’ latest China’s first beautiful buttocks. < p > < p > netizens call Liu Taiyang the Chinese version of kardashan. As we all know, Kardashian is popular all over the world with her haughty buttocks and S-shaped figure. Netizens call her Chinese version of Kardashian, which shows that Liu Taiyang’s figure is very excellent. As for how excellent she is, you can feel it. Liu Taiyang’s figure is different from that of most Chinese women who regard thin as beauty, but prefers the beauty of strength and curve of Fitness Series in Europe and the United States. Such a figure is inseparable from her diligence. Liu Taiyang did not choose the mass way to lose weight, but did strength training. < p > < p > especially hip training, Liu Taiyang will practice buttocks at least once a week, sometimes more. For modern women, long-term sitting will lead to flat buttocks. In order to make their thighs more slender and upright, hip training is inevitable. Reasonable hip training can not only make our body more attractive, but also make us more healthy, Why is it so important for women to practice buttocks? < / P > < p > for most women, plump buttocks can make women more sexy and charming, full of femininity, and also make women more confident and sunny. < / P > < p > secondly, it is not difficult to see that the buttocks belong to the middle part of the body, which serves as a connecting link between the preceding and the following. If the buttocks do not have strength and lack of training, it is easy to induce pelvic anteversion, low back pain, thigh thickness, knee pain and other symptoms. < p > hold the Kettlebell between the two legs. Stand on your body with your feet in a figure of eight with your waist slightly bent and your back straight. < / P > < p > keep your back straight and start to bend, with your hips back and knees slightly bent. During this process, keep the arm hanging naturally and let the Kettlebell follow the body vertically and downward. < / P > < p > after standing firmly, bend the hip and knee, squat down, the movement track is in a straight line, the upper body remains stable, squat down until the knee contacts the ground for a second, then the buttocks and legs exert force at the same time, squat up, and return to the starting position < a href= target=_ blank>08/16/2020