After 30 minutes of intensive training every day, he lost 45 Jin in 8 months

For girls, most of them can’t stand their fat body, so they think of ways to lose weight. But for many boys, they don’t care about their body and weight.

many boys begin to gain weight as soon as they reach middle age, because they don’t pay attention to diet for a long time, as well as work pressure and lack of exercise at ordinary times.

when you are middle-aged, you still indulge your desires and do not have enough self-discipline to make your body go forever and become a middle-aged greasy uncle. When obesity threatens your health, you have to face it.

this little brother weighs as much as 200 Jin, and once he didn’t think there was any problem. However, to see their growing fat belly, it is hard to avoid inferiority. Especially in the pursuit of girls like, he has become inferiority complex and dare not take the initiative, finally one day, he decided to lose weight.

he was 180cm tall. He made a fitness plan for himself. He insisted on doing 30 minutes of high-intensity training every day. After 8 months of persistence, what was the change of his figure? Let’s take a look at the little brother’s weight loss process.

in the whole process, my little brother insisted on 30 minutes a day through rope skipping, HIIT intermittent training, and Tabata training and other high-intensity training, and for 8 months, I bit my teeth.

in 8 days, my brother lost 45 Jin in weight, but he didn’t look very thin. But, at least, his weight loss effect is very good. His body fat has been thrown off several layers, especially the abdominal fat, which has been significantly reduced. The whole person’s mental temperament has also been greatly improved, and his face has become thinner.

30 minutes of exercise every day is not long, but under high-intensity training, the body fat rate will also significantly decrease, and the body will certainly have great changes. Let’s take a look at 30 minutes of high-intensity training every day to see what changes little brother can bring to his body.

little brother insists on high-intensity sports, and his body becomes more compact and strong, and he won’t lose weight. You will find that after high-intensity exercise to lose weight successfully, there will not be a lot of fat and fat lines, but there will be a little muscle line feeling.

this is because high-intensity training can reduce the loss of body muscles, so that the body maintains a high metabolic state, and can also shape the body curve.

in the process of sports, we can find that many people’s appearance and appearance will be greatly improved. Because after exercise and fitness, the metabolism of the body, the regeneration of cells and the degeneration of the surface skin and so on.

it can greatly improve the vitality and energy of the individual, and also can improve the hormone secretion of the body, so as to improve your own charm.

this is also obvious in my brother. The fat little brother’s spirit is very poor at the beginning, and his personal vitality and energy are dead. After 8 months of training, you will find that the beauty of the younger brother has been improved, his face shape and facial features will become more three-dimensional, and his energy and energy will be full.

we all know that fat burning exercise can improve individual’s cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness. After long-term exercise, it can promote the blood circulation of the body, improve the metabolism of the body, and improve the endocrine level.

many people will obviously feel that when we start to exercise, it’s easy to get tired and it’s hard to keep going. But after a week of persistence, you’ll find that your body can adapt to this high-intensity exercise, and your physical fitness will gradually improve. Privacy Policy