After 60 years old, it is also suitable for sports. Walking is the second place, and you seldom do it in the first place

It is a very good word for old people. Because in old age, it is a matter of pride to be as energetic and strong as when you are young. Although we all know that the elderly should be quiet and recuperate. We can not do sports, or even if we do sports, we should do some small exercises, and do not engage in strong physical activities. The research shows that the middle-aged and old people who always take part in middle and high-intensity sports are lower than those who do not exercise. In addition, when they were young, they didn’t exercise much. When they were 40 years old, they had 35% lower risk of death and 43% lower probability of preventing cardiovascular disease. < / P > < p > dancing for the elderly can not only gain a strong physique and excellent coordination ability, but also enhance their own skeletal ability and balance. They will have fewer falls in life and more flexible legs and feet. Dance with music at the same time also train the brain, effectively active brain cells, improve brain function. Long term persistence can also help strengthen the heart and lung and prevent the sudden attack of heart disease. The mood also naturally follows good, social rich, not so much time to think about so many things, enrich their life. < p > < p > the elderly should pay attention to the following points: ① shoes should be selected properly, comfortable and suitable shoe size should be worn, the thickness, height and comfort of sole should be right, and the more elastic sole is not easy to damage joints and tendons. ② Do not dance immediately after eating, it is easy to cause stomach indigestion and intestinal discomfort. ③ Patients with unstable conditions should not dance, especially those with cervical syndrome who are prone to fall down when dancing, causing physical danger. ④ Don’t be too fierce. Don’t choose too hard, nerve excited dance, if you can’t breathe, it may lead to cardiovascular disease. The dances that the elderly can choose include: ① square dance, which is simple and easy to learn, with distinct rhythm. Yes, and can join at any time, park square, community gate are. ② Yangko, more abundant, and changeable formation, exercise the brain, while jumping while walking. ③ Social dance, gentle and light, smooth and beautiful, slow rhythm. < / P > < p > a large study in Japan has shown that elderly people who walk regularly reduce their risk of disease. Those who walked for about an hour were 10% less likely to leave because of the flu than those who walked for half an hour. People with MI were 34% less likely to die at the same time than those with flu. Therefore, it can be concluded that even if you are sick and walk more, you can reduce the risk of leaving with flu. < p > < p > table tennis is the most proud sport in China, and it is also a sport suitable for all ages. Table tennis can also help the reaction ability and bring benefits to the five viscera and lumbar vertebrae. < / P > < p > first of all, it is a safe sport. Table tennis is light, and its lethality to people is enough to be eliminated. Secondly, the eyes have been staring at the ball, left, right and right, and sometimes near and far, which can help to exercise the eyes, improve the brain operation ability, and effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Finally, big Pangpang Qiu can improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance physical fitness, reduce muscle degeneration in the elderly, and prevent low back pain and shoulder stiffness. < p > < p > when playing table tennis, we should pay attention to the following aspects: manage the mentality, control the intensity, do not force your body because of being competitive; do a good job in warm-up and coordinate the operation of wrist, shoulder, waist and abdomen. Don’t be distracted. Concentrate. Keep an eye on the situation around the court. Don’t hit or fall because you’re rescuing a ball. Sports for the elderly are just as important as when they were young. If they want to embrace their health better, they should strengthen their health care, play table tennis and dance more, which not only helps to strengthen their physical fitness, but also expands their social contact and enriches their literary and artistic activities. Home