After 90 beautiful teacher hip 96cm, compact and charming figure, netizen: I want to go back to school

Introduction: now online often see the most beautiful teacher, goddess teacher, looking at other people’s teachers is not very envious. There is a beautiful teacher, the enthusiasm of students in class will be very high, looking at other people’s teachers, whether they want to be students again to go to school.

the protagonist of today’s story is a teacher, and also a post-90s, which is what we call “other people’s teacher”. This beautiful teacher refreshes our understanding of teachers. Before, we always thought that a teacher should be a teacher with eyes and a shirt.

this beautiful teacher has a very good figure, high face value and 96cm hip circumference. Many students and netizens are shouting: “want to go back to school”, because the super high face value by the majority of teachers and students like. The post-90s beauty teacher not only has beauty but also talent. She has her own unique teaching methods, combined with the learning characteristics of the students, so the students’ class atmosphere is also very strong, and she has been selected as the most popular teacher in the school.

we all know that it’s hard to be a teacher. Every day we have to be busy writing lesson plans, preparing courseware, preparing lessons, correcting homework and so on. If you meet the final exam or large-scale exam, you will work overtime to approve papers. The daily work is not only these, but also need to pay attention to the performance of every student, so you can’t stop working 24 hours a day. Everyone is very curious about this. How does she keep fit when she is so busy?

in fact, as a teacher, the most powerful thing is self-discipline. Daily time management is very important. So she made a plan for herself every day, so that she could not only finish the task efficiently, but also have her own time to keep fit. Because of everyone’s curiosity, the beauty teacher also said that it was difficult to adhere to such a life at the beginning. Later, she found a suitable sport for herself, that is pilates.

every time she works out, she will let herself relax and have a rest. Occasionally, she will think about the shortcomings of her recent work, which can not only improve her work, but also build a good figure. Because she is easy to get along with her students, they all regard her as a friend.

the most effective way to delay aging and keep young is fitness exercise, while Pilates is the most suitable exercise for office workers and teachers, and many stars also like it, because it can not only lose weight, but also shape, improve posture and enhance temperament. It is also a convenient and efficient sport in daily life. Next, let’s briefly introduce several movements:

stand up, step on the pedal of the thruster with both feet, hold the bracelet of the thruster with both hands, then bend the hands, inhale and pull upward, exhale and return to position, so as to reduce the worship meat on the arm and exercise the muscles. Stick to it for four weeks and you’ll see the effect.

kneel on the yoga mat with both legs, step on the thruster with both hands back and feet, hold the handle with both hands back, keep your back straight, inhale and raise your arm upward, hold for ten seconds, and exhale to return to your position. This can exercise your back muscles and better eliminate the wealth bag. Do three groups of 20 times each time, and stick to four weeks as the same as the previous movement.

lie flat on the yoga mat, slightly lift the upper body, lift both legs 45 degrees, prepare both hands and feet, inhale, force both legs up, pull both hands down, as shown in the figure, pay attention to the breathing rhythm, this group of exercise mainly exercises abdominal muscles and thigh muscles.

this kind of puller is made of high polymer material, which has strong endurance and high safety. Moreover, the handle is packed with sponge, which can absorb sweat and prevent slip, which increases the safety. Want not to go to the gym to have a good figure, but also very time-saving, as long as you have the determination to lose weight, hurry up!

conclusion: there are no ugly women, only lazy women. This sentence not only refers to the face, but also the figure. Good figure can make you temperament doubled, but also can improve their aura, sports change not only the external body, but also the internal health, so don’t hesitate, for the peach hip, for the vest line, hurry to refuel! 08/16/2020