After 90, the beauty sells mask, changing a “strategy”, sales turnover 4 times, I believe you can also.

Today, before I share the case, I’d like to tell you a little story. To tell you, this is the adjusted brand mask, and the sales volume has doubled 4 times. The story of < / P > < p > is about how to think and understand such a story in the hearts of buyers. It is very helpful for us to promote the sales of goods. < p > < p > one year, when there was a grain shortage, the monkey keeper said to the monkey, “now there is not enough food. We must save some food. We should eat three acorns every morning and four acorns in the evening. How about that?” < p > < p > when the monkeys heard it, they all felt it. In that case, I will eat one more in the evening, so I am very happy. I think it’s better to eat more in the morning than in the evening. In fact, this story tells us that things, that is, costs, are fixed, and the money earned is reasonable. But it’s done in a different way, and it makes a big difference to consumers.

90 after the beauty boss, opened a cosmetics shop, sell the new brand mask, in the first day of the exhibition. This brand mask bought 25 yuan a box and bought a few people, but most people only bought one box. In fact, the price of this mask is already 2~3 discount price, it is the experience price of the scene is very cheap. < / P > < p > but every consumer who comes to buy comes to bargain for 20 yuan a box. Because our mask is a new brand, so that we can experience the effect of the product, so we have agreed to sell it at the price of 20 yuan. As a result, we only sold 2800 yuan on the first day, which is not ideal for a cosmetics store, especially for a brand store. < / P > < p > that’s it. I’m going to make an adjustment strategy the next day. What is such a strategy? The final result of this strategy is that our sales volume has increased by four times on the original basis. And this strategy is very simple, and it also uses the human marketing thinking. As mentioned in the above story, the specific method is to do this: < / P > < p > this strategy is “100 yuan, 4 boxes, plus 1 box”. Then ask the staff and everyone to sell the call, do not emphasize the single box mask is how much money, but emphasize “100 yuan 4 boxes and send 1 boxes” such a big discount. < p > < p > as a result, on the second day, the sales volume reached 9000 yuan. It was three times as much as the first day. On the third day of the exhibition, the score on the second day was very good. Everyone is very passionate, so here we can give another incentive to the employees, saying: If today’s sales exceed 10000 yuan, then each person can be rewarded 200 yuan. As a result, on the fourth day, the sales volume reached 12000 yuan. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao