After 95, the puerpera said “natural childbirth without dignity”. After reading these pictures, we can understand what mother is

Women who have experienced the birth of children feel “unbearable to look back”. Whether it is the long-term labor pains, side cuts, tears and so on, or the anesthesia needle, exhaust, knife edge pain of cesarean section, etc., people are “deterred”. Those who have given birth to one do not dare to have a second. Those who have not had one are afraid of pregnancy < p > < p > Meina is a 95 year old Baoma. After giving birth to her baby, she said frankly that she would never have a second child again! After giving birth to her daughter, Meina did not dare to recall what happened when she gave birth. Meina’s birth is very good. It’s said that the late recovery of natural labor is fast, and Meina also agrees to have a natural birth. < p > < p > but more than ten hours of pain, and then a series of maternal internal examination, almost did not faint Meina pain. But the doctor always told Meina to insist on it again and again! Finally, the child was born, and he had to sew needles and clean them up on the delivery bed. < / P > < p > every woman who gives birth is great. Although natural childbirth has many advantages, it is not all beautiful. For pregnant women, it may be “nightmare” memories. < / P > < p > many people who have a natural birth say that when they give birth to their own children, they lie in the delivery room, like a pile of meat, and let others do whatever they want. Although doctors and nurses are for children and maternal life, but lying in bed of maternal, is indeed suffering physically and mentally. < / P > < p > even the actress, big s, has been wandering in the “ghost gate” for many times. A woman is fighting for her life when she gives birth to a child. When big s gave birth to the second child, epileptic seizures entered the ICU, and when the third child, epilepsy relapsed, and finally terminated the pregnancy. < / P > < p > in the case of “redness” and “labor pains” in the puerpera, they are generally about to give birth, and they will be waiting for labor in the hospital at this time. The preparation of skin is a proper term, which is the preparation before operation. Because during production, there will be blood and other excreta. If it is contaminated, or if it enters the human body carelessly, it is easy to cause infection. < / P > < p > and when giving birth to a child, the hair may touch the child, causing the child to breathe poorly. So be sure to deal with it in advance. In this case, there is a special doctor to shave. Because the hospital may be a male doctor. If he is afraid of embarrassment, he or her family can shave at home before giving birth, and then go to the hospital to give birth. < / P > < p > internal examination is an unacceptable thing for many women with natural childbirth. No matter whether the doctor is male or female, the pain index soars when the maternal is examined. < / P > < p > internal examination means that the doctor opens several fingers in order to detect the birth canal of puerpera. The doctor usually directly puts his hand into it to see how much the uterine opening is and whether it has the conditions for production. This time is a test for puerpera, a strange doctor, put his hand in, psychological pressure is also great. What’s more, the pain will increase, totally on the existence of another kind of “no dignity”. < / P > < p > there is another thing that mothers must know before giving birth, that is, in the process of giving birth, because the maternal needs to exert force to give birth to the child. Therefore, physiological functions may not be well controlled, such as defecation and fecal incontinence. < / P > < p > although this is a common phenomenon for doctors, for pregnant women, incontinence in front of so many people is really a hard thing to say, and will feel quite embarrassed. In fact, giving birth to a child is the most dignified thing. All the greatness of a mother is to pay too much for her child. Having a baby is fighting death and holding hands with a new life. < / P > < p > in the production process, whether male or female doctors, are for life safety, do not have psychological pressure. After all, in the eyes of doctors, only the state of life is good. Therefore, no matter what happens, the maternal must stand by the side of the doctor to welcome a new life. < / P > < p > < p > the idea of “no dignity” is mostly due to the experience of giving birth to children, which is too unusual and has not been observed by so many people. There is a feeling of “fish on the board”. Lying in women should put aside their thoughts and focus on the preservation of mother and son’s life! 08/16/2020