After autumn, balsam pear and cucumber stand aside, the most popular is it, moisture to dry, 2 yuan to do a plate

Unconsciously, autumn has quietly come to our side. These days, the weather in the south is no longer so hot and dry. With yesterday’s autumn rain, it seems that this “autumn tiger” heat away a lot. Although the weather is not so hot, the dryness of autumn has not changed at all. People like me, who are easy to get on fire, dare not blow the air conditioner, and dare not eat the dishes that are easy to get on fire. Some people say that since they are afraid of getting angry, they should eat more balsam pear and cucumber. The ancients paid attention to “do not eat from time to time”, eat the right food in different seasons, and eat less food in the off season. In summer, cucumber and balsam pear are not suitable for summer. In this season, the most important vegetable to eat is lotus root. < p > < p > lotus root is the root and stem of lotus, and its nutritional value is very rich. Lotus root can clear away heat, moisten lung and go to autumn dryness, and the price is also affordable. 2 yuan can fry a plate, fresh and crisp, very delicious. Today, I’d like to bring you a very appetizing home cooked lotus root dish. If you like it, please collect it quickly! < / P > < p > the first step is to select the white lotus root, scrape off the mud stains on the surface with a knife, rinse it with water, and then cut into thin slices, then cut into small dices and soak them in water for standby; remove the stalk of millet and chop it into pieces for standby; clean the red pepper and cut it into pieces after removing the stalk; peel off the garlic and cut it into garlic kernels for standby use; < / P > < p > Step 3, and then add it again Drain the soaked lotus root, put it into the pot and stir fry over high heat. The lotus root can be eaten raw without long-term frying. Add salt, 1 teaspoon vinegar and 1 teaspoon soy sauce for seasoning. Stir fry evenly and then put it out of the pot and put it on the plate. < / P > < p > hot and sour crispy lotus root is the most popular dish in autumn in our family. The perfect combination of sour, crisp and spicy is very appetizing. Maybe I’m from Hunan. I can eat spicy food. If you think it’s too spicy, you can reduce the amount of millet spicy, or remove it, and the taste is very good. When frying this dish, it is recommended to choose crisp lotus root, which is called white lotus root in some places, which is quite different from that of red lotus root. My friends, don’t be careless. In addition, we should pay attention to this point. Lotus root is easy to change color after being cut, which affects the appearance after frying. Therefore, after cutting, add enough water to soak, and keep it unchanged for a long time. If you like, try this method! < p > < p > after autumn, balsam pear and cucumber stand aside, the most popular is it, moisten lung to dry, 2 yuan to make a dish! I’m a gourmet master of Baoma. I’ll make every home cooked dish for my family! If you like it, please pay attention to me! CUISINE&HEALTH