After autumn, drinking milk is better than drinking it, moistening and replenishing water, preventing constipation, suitable for all ages and simple

As the saying goes, an autumn rain and a cold. After a rain two days ago, Guangdong finally has a feeling of “autumn”. It is obviously cool to get up in the morning. To tell you the truth, I like autumn very much. Except for the dry climate, the rest of the temperature is very comfortable. To cope with the dry climate, we can easily resolve the problem. The diet is mainly nourishing yin and moistening dryness. At this time, people’s appetite gradually improves. We can eat some nourishing foods, such as chicken, duck and fish meat, red dates, peanuts, chestnuts, medlar, lotus seeds, lilies, red beans, and seasonal vegetables in autumn, such as radish, sweet potato, yam, taro, etc Nourish your body and get ready for the cold winter.

after autumn, the diet focuses on replenishing water to moisten the viscera and internal organs to prevent the discomfort caused by autumn dryness. This soup shared with you today is very suitable for a family in autumn. It is better to drink milk than to drink milk. It can moisturize and replenish water and prevent constipation. It is suitable for all ages and simple. Jujube, peanuts and red beans can be bought in any vegetable market. They can be mixed with rice paste. They taste mellow and smooth. If you have a cup in the morning, it can nourish yin and reduce dryness, nourish lung and lung, replenish qi and blood, soothe the mind and help the bowels, which is much better than drinking milk alone.

peanuts, red beans and red dates all have a natural sweetness. These ingredients are mixed together to make soybean milk, without adding sugar. The taste is mellow and smooth. Red bean has the effect of clearing heart and nourishing spirit, clearing heat and detoxification, strengthening spleen and kidney. It contains more protosaponins, which can stimulate the intestinal tract and play the role of moistening and defecating. Peanuts are rich in calcium. Grinding into soup is more conducive to human absorption, can help supplement calcium, promote human growth and development, and prevent osteoporosis. And jujube has the function of Tonifying Qi, nourishing blood and calming nerves. Add jujube to the soup, which can stop and remove freckles, nourish the face, and make the skin look ruddy and bright and full of energy;

add 350 grams of water, which is enough for two people to drink, and the water should not exceed the warning line of the scale. The mini wall breaking machine was newly purchased last week. It is very suitable for two people to use at home. The capacity is 400 ml, and each person has a cup of 200 ml. Convenient, quick, no filtering, one button automatic cleaning, in line with the modern people’s fast lifestyle. Fully transparent cup body, the change of food materials when heating is clear at a glance, the body is clean, the appearance is small and does not take up space. I have used it for a few days, and I am very satisfied with the sound of the machine. The noise is low. If I get up in the morning to make nutritious soybean milk rice paste or juice, it will not affect the rest of the family, and it is convenient and fast;

select the soymilk function key, and after 23 minutes, two cups of nutritious soybean milk will be ready. This kind of soybean milk is more delicious than milk. It is delicate and smooth. It does not need to be filtered. If you drink it more in autumn, it is stronger than milk, and the skin is moist and glossy.

pour out soymilk and drink it without adding sugar. If you like to drink thick soybean milk, follow this formula. If you like to drink thinner soymilk, you can reduce beans and increase water. In short, you can add or decrease ingredients according to your preference. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!