After autumn, eating grapes and apples is better than eating it, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and often drink some to sleep until dawn

The autumn in the north is very different from that in the south. The autumn in the north is windy and dry, which makes people feel thirsty. Therefore, there is a saying about autumn dryness. After autumn, this fruit is on the market. It is better to eat it often than to eat grapes and apples. It is not dry to cough and the throat is very comfortable. There are a lot of fruits after autumn. Grapes, apples and pears are on the market in northern China, especially apples and pears. The weather is dry after autumn. It’s better to eat more pears than apples. Pears are cool fruits, and many people don’t dare to eat them. Such a step is especially good for moistening autumn dryness. Not only to solve the cooling of pear, but also double nutrition, clear heart and calm mind, nourishing yin and moistening lung, sleep will be better. It’s especially suitable for the dry autumn, and the method is also very simple. Try it quickly ~ < / P > < p > pears are our local pears. When we meet the freshly picked pears, we buy a lot of them and eat them slowly. Pear is juicy. It can be used as fruit and medicine. It is called “the school of hundred fruits”. There are many varieties of pears, such as Yali, Sydney, apple pear, Nanguo pear, Korla Fragrant Pear and so on. They are very good pears with thin skin, fine flesh, crisp and refreshing taste, and more juice and less slag. Dry after autumn, easy to dry cough, eat more pears can expectorant cough, throat maintenance has a very good role. < / P > < p > soak a handful of lilies in cold water. When you buy lilies, you should choose a color that naturally turns slightly yellow, and don’t buy snow-white colors. Lily can be said to have many benefits. It is suitable for making soup and porridge. It can moisten the lung and relieve cough, clear the heart and tranquilize the mind, tonify the middle and replenish qi, clear away heat and detoxify, strengthen the spleen and stomach, etc., and pear is a very matching food material. < / P > < p > then put in the lily which has been soaked and cleaned, bring it to a high temperature and boil it slowly for about 15-20 minutes. The pear is transparent. < / P > < p > at this time, put the old rock sugar in and turn off the fire after melting. The old rock sugar has the function of moistening lung and relieving cough, eliminating fire and clearing phlegm. It can be eaten appropriately after autumn. < / P > < p > turn off the fire and then add a few Lycium barbarum for color matching, which can also have better nutrition. My wolfberry is constantly on all year round, whether it is tea or soup will be put on a few, put a few less, not only will not be on fire, but also can benefit, is great. Focus