After autumn lotus root a large number of market, my family eat like this, do not stir fry also do not stew, sweet moisture also fall autumn dry

After autumn, it is the season for a large number of lotus roots on the market. For the vegetables at that time, they are of high value, good taste and more healthy. It’s a pity to miss them. There are many ways to eat lotus root. Stir frying and stewing are classic methods. Eating lotus root properly is helpful for nourishing and reducing autumn dryness. However, we don’t use these methods to eat lotus root in my family. We will choose to match it with milk and cinnamon The lotus root juice is made of flowers, and the lotus root is broken. The nutrition in it will be more easily absorbed by the human body. The children at home can also have a good effect. Moreover, the practice of lotus root juice is not difficult. It can be easily done. Breakfast is a very good choice. Let’s learn how to do it together. < / P > < p > production process: the first step is to peel a fresh lotus root, cut off both ends of the lotus root, clean the lotus seed carefully, first cut it into pieces, then cut it into small pieces, first put it into water to soak; < / P > < p > second step, prepare milk, maple syrup and sugar osmanthus flower, and you can determine the amount of sugar according to the sweetness you like First, remove the lotus root from the water and put it into the wall breaking machine. < / P > < p > Step 3, pour a bottle of milk into it, pay attention not to exceed the water level, start the program, break the lotus root, fully integrate it with the milk, pour the milk lotus root juice into the boiling pot; < / P > < p > Step 4, heat the milk lotus root juice with low heat, and on the way Remember to keep stirring until it boils, turn off the fire, and put the boiled milk lotus root juice in a bowl; < / P > < p > Step 5: add maple syrup according to your taste, stir well, sprinkle sugar osmanthus on the surface, and the lotus root juice is ready to serve. < p > < p > summary: lotus root has a good tonic effect, especially in the season when it comes into the market. Eating lotus root properly is appetizing, refreshing, nourishing and digesting, especially for female friends. Lotus root cooking can make people enjoy the delicious food more fully, but I often choose a more unique method This kind of milk lotus root juice is easier to be collected by the human body at breakfast. Because of its various collocations, the overall value has become more abundant. For you who also like to eat lotus root, you can’t miss this study. It is sweet and moistening. It can also help to reduce autumn dryness. It is very beneficial to eat it properly. The seasonal price of lotus root is on the market Lattice is also more affordable, in line with the level of public consumption, you can rest assured to eat. < / P > < p > 1. After lotus root is cut, if it is not directly used for cooking, it needs to be soaked in water to isolate oxygen, so that the lotus root is not easy to blacken. We need to pay attention to this, of course, it is better to eat it now. < / P > < p > 2. Milk added to lotus root can be selected according to personal preference, without too many constraints, because of the broken wall of my family The machine doesn’t have the function of automatic heating, so it needs to be put into the boiling pot to heat it. If you use something that can be heated, you don’t need to do this operation. < / P > < p > 3. When heating lotus root juice in the pot, remember to add more stirring, because the lotus root juice is very thick at this time. If it is not stirred, it is easy to paste the pot, and the whole process is low heat, boiling until boiling A long time. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”