After autumn, this kind of “mountain treasure” will be eaten no matter how expensive it is. If you simply stir fry it, you can eat more whitening and beautifying

After autumn, this kind of “mountain delicacy” will be eaten no matter how expensive it is. If you simply stir fry it, you can eat more whitening and beautifying. A hot day, many people are yellow and thin, like the general distillation of high temperature. Therefore, with the theory of sticking autumn fat, it is mainly to nourish the body’s deficit and to charge the fast body. At the same time, we should also charge the skin to make ourselves more beautiful and younger. Since autumn, there are many vegetables in this area, such as cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin and Tremella are good ingredients for beauty. In particular, tremella fuciformis, known as the “mountain treasure”, is a rare food material for skin energy.

Why do you say that? Because Tremella fuciformis is rich in tremella polysaccharide, this substance is vividly called “plant hyaluronic acid”. There is no need to explain. The average molecular weight of this substance is over one million, which can be said to be very strong in moisturizing and water locking. This can be felt when cooking Tremella fuciformis. In addition, tremella fuciformis polysaccharide has superoxide dismutase activity, which can absorb ultraviolet rays to a large extent, effectively prevent skin from being exposed to the sun, and reduce the formation of melanin. For these two reasons, I am infatuated with various eating methods of Tremella fuciformis. For example, the “Tremella scrambled egg” brought to you today is not only novel and simple, but also has a unique taste. Regular eating can improve the texture of skin, increase skin elasticity, and make yourself younger.

when the ingredients come into contact with scrambled eggs, the practice becomes particularly simple. This is not to say that the fried egg dishes are not good, but the attributes of the eggs themselves determine everything. Egg egg is very Kwai cooked, and cooking is too long to fry, so the fried egg dishes are all quick dishes, or eggs are returned to pot for the two time. However, it is difficult to achieve the best combination of the taste of eggs and other ingredients. It always feels that it is two dishes. If there is a child, he will take all the eggs and eat them. In fact, it’s not the children’s fault. Adults will do the same if they don’t care about face. Next, we’ll solve this problem from the cooking method, which is the key.

pepper is mainly used to remove the fishy smell of eggs, and at the same time, it can improve the flavor of this dish. When making many delicious dishes, we need to use pepper. Here we can use white pepper.

break the eggs into a bowl. This action is relatively simple. Stir the egg liquid with chopsticks to make a small amount of bubbles. At the same time, cut the shallots into scallions.

we don’t have to be too quick. We can turn the noodles after they are finalized. The whole process is the same as that of scrambled eggs. We only care about the fried eggs and then we can get out of the pot. A delicate and crisp Tremella scrambled eggs can be served, this season to eat this light delicious just right. It’s cheaper than the scrambled eggs. Although Tremella is expensive, this dish should be eaten no matter how expensive it is in this early autumn season.

1. Tremella fuciformis is easy to be cooked when stir fried. In addition, the nutrition of Tremella fuciformis will be preserved to the maximum extent with the package of egg liquid. The taste will also absorb the fragrance of egg liquid, which is one of the reasons to stir fry Tremella directly with egg liquid.

2. Tremella fuciformis not only contains natural gum, but also various dietary fiber. It can be a good assistant for the stomach and intestines, helping the gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerating the detoxification process, and reducing the absorption of fat. So this dish not only has the benefits of moistening and beautifying the skin, but also has the meaning of losing weight. Focus