After autumn, women should not drink black chicken soup, but this bowl of soup, nourishing and nourishing to drink often

After entering autumn, with the climate changing from the sultry and humid in summer to cool and dry autumn, many girls in front of the screen will choose to eat some nourishing ingredients to make good supplements for themselves. When it comes to nourishing ingredients, many people may unconsciously associate with the soup of black chicken. But in fact, after autumn, women should drink not chicken soup, but this time to say that the bowl of soup, cooked after delicious taste, and nutrition and nourishing. I recommended to my friends, they said the effect was very good, so I came here to share with you. It may be heard of this soup, but many people don’t know how to cook it. It is papaya chicken soup. Papaya is not only soft and juicy, but also has a high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins, iron and potassium, which can be said to be a delicious and nutritious fruit. Add chicken together to cook into this mild and nourishing papaya chicken soup, better than black chicken soup. I believe that everyone who saw this screen is very curious about how to make this dish. If you don’t say much, let’s go down and see the specific production method. Prepare proper amount of papaya and chicken according to your needs, then peel and wash the papaya and cut it into the size of your own needs. The chicken is also washed with water, and then cut into chunks of appropriate size. Clean ginger and cut into ginger slices with a knife. After we have prepared all the ingredients we need this time, we can prepare the boiled chicken in the pot. Put our chicken into the boiling water cooked in advance to boil out the excess blood and impurities in the chicken, so that the soup of papaya chicken soup we cooked will be more white and beautiful. After we blanch the chicken, we start the pot again, then we will cook the chicken and the papaya cut before, and add appropriate drinking water to the pot according to our needs. The water added should be able to diffuse the height of the cooking materials in the pot. After that, the chicken and papaya in the pot are continuously boiled with the lid covered. After the ingredients are fully cooked, add appropriate salt and msg to the pot according to their taste. After mixing evenly, you can prepare to turn off the fire and leave the pot. After the above steps are completed, the papaya chicken soup will be finished. Are the ladies and sisters in front of the screen still thinking about what soup to drink, so try the papaya chicken soup. I believe that you will get something. When you buy chicken, it is easy to find that there are some chicken hairs that are not cleaned up. So remember to clean them again after you go home. When I get here at last, I will say goodbye to you. Did you all learn the papaya chicken soup this time? If there is any question or suggestions for the content of the article, remember to leave a message in the comment area. I see that all the questions will be answered in time. Then this time, the sharing will be here. We will see you again next time. Don’t forget to move your hands and pay attention to it! Focus