After baby pulls stink, wipe with paper or wash with water? Many novice Baoma did something wrong

We all know that the baby is very fragile, not only the immunity and resistance is relatively low, but also the skin is particularly delicate, after a little stimulation, it will turn red, and even get pimples, which makes the baby feel particularly uncomfortable.

but even if the parents are more careful, the baby’s skin will inevitably be irritated. For example, after the baby stinks, the residual stool on the buttocks will cause irritation to the baby’s skin, which is inevitable.

in order to reduce the irritation of stool on the baby’s skin, many treasure mothers will help the baby clean up the residual stool on the skin in time, but they don’t know whether it is better to wipe with paper or wash with water.

when I was pregnant, I joined a group of Baoma. Most of them were pregnant for the first time. They belonged to novice Baoma and had no much experience.

after the baby is born, we often exchange our parenting experience in the group and help each other. One day, a treasure mother named Qiao Qiao asked in the group, “after the baby stinks, do you wipe it with paper or wash it with water?”

as soon as this problem came out, it attracted people’s attention. Some Baoma said that it was better to wipe with paper, save time and effort, and the baby would not catch cold; some said that it was better to wash with water, which could keep the baby’s buttocks clean.

the reason why Qiao Qiao asked this question was that her baby had a little problem recently, with a red rash on her buttocks. She suspected that it had something to do with her usual nursing habits.

after the baby stinks, Joe always washes the baby’s buttocks. Although he cleans the baby’s buttocks, he just cleans them up, and then puts on diapers for the baby. That’s why he has a rash.

many treasure mothers have this question. They don’t know whether it is better to wipe with paper or wash with water. In fact, there is no absolute answer to this question, but it depends on the situation.

if the baby is relatively young, he will defecate more times every day. Sometimes he will defecate 4-5 times a day, and the stool is relatively sparse, which is difficult to clean up.

there are a lot of wrinkles around the baby’s anus. If you just wipe it with a paper towel, it’s very difficult to clean it, but if you wash it every time, it will be very troublesome for the baby.

the best solution is to dip baby tissue with water, gently wipe the baby’s buttocks, and wash the baby’s buttocks once before going to bed. This will not only save time, but also keep the baby’s buttocks clean.

when the baby starts to eat complementary food, the number of stools per day will gradually decrease and gradually become once a day. Moreover, the stool is not as thin as it was in childhood, but rather dry.

because the baby’s frequency of defecation is relatively small, Baoma can clean the baby’s buttocks after each stink, and occasionally wipe the baby’s buttocks with a wet paper towel.

Baoma wants to use baby special paper towel for her baby. This kind of paper towel is soft and does not contain bleaching ingredients, so it will not decompose in water. If we use the paper towel we usually use for baby, it will not only decompose easily after meeting water, but also contain some bleaching ingredients, which will make the baby’s skin more seriously irritated.

if Bao Ma wants to wash the baby’s ass, it is necessary to adjust the water temperature in advance, not too hot or too cold. It is best to keep it at about 38 degrees Celsius. Bao Ma can buy a thermometer to measure the water temperature. For a long time, it can also predict the water temperature according to his own experience.

whether it’s a boy or a girl, or whether it’s wiping or cleaning, parents should clean the bottom of the baby in the order from front to back, because there are bacteria in the stool. If the sequence is wrong, the baby may have urinary infection.

after cleaning the baby’s buttocks, don’t immediately put on diapers for the baby, but dry them with a towel, and then air them for a while. After the moisture on the baby’s buttocks evaporates, put on diapers or pants for the baby. If the baby has a red buttock, you can apply hip protection cream to the baby.

Finally, I would like to say that the baby’s buttocks care is very important. As for whether to wipe with paper or wash with water, it depends on the frequency and shape of the baby’s stool every day. After cleaning the buttocks for the baby, dry them thoroughly before wearing diapers, so as not to cause the baby to grow a rash.

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