After cesarean section, how does breastfeeding do?

Postpartum cesarean section is not conducive to lactation? Cesarean section mother is difficult to milk? Zhou Yongyi, head of Obstetrics nurse at Guangzhou Red Cross Society hospital, said that these troubles are actually typical misunderstandings of mothers on breast-feeding. Under the guidance of head nurse Zhou, a mother of the second child began to nurse Er Bao half an hour after the operation. She insisted on massaging her breasts every day. After a few days, the milk filled up and she successfully changed from a “dry river bed” to a happy “cow”. What are the common misunderstandings of breastfeeding in cesarean section? Let the head nurse of Obstetrics analyze for you one by one! < / P > < p > some people worry that there is residual anesthetic in breast milk, which is actually too much. Zhou Yongyi said that the best time to open milk is within one hour after the baby is born. Whether it is a natural or cesarean section, the baby should be allowed to suck nipples as soon as possible to stimulate milk secretion. < p > < p > cesarean section mothers need not worry about the influence of anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs on breast milk. First, the drug will not affect the chest, until the mother wakes up, the anesthetic has been metabolized. Second, considering that mothers need to breastfeed after giving birth, doctors usually choose drugs that have little effect on breast milk. In addition, there is scientific evidence that sucking the mother’s breast immediately after birth will stimulate the hypothalamus to release oxytocin, promote uterine contraction, facilitate uterine involution and reduce postpartum hemorrhage. < / P > < p > emotion is the biggest stumbling block to milk opening. The prolactin in the mother’s body of cesarean section can not reach the level of rapid lactation for a time, but this does not mean that the mother’s breast does not produce milk. According to Zhou, the stomach capacity of a newborn baby is about the size of a glass marbles, i.e. about 5ml. It doesn’t take much breast milk to suck at one time, and the baby’s stomach will only increase to the size of a newborn egg three days later. After the stimulation of baby sucking, the mother’s brain will secrete prolactin, along with the frequency and intensity of sucking, the mother will continuously produce more milk. If the number of breast-feeding is less, or the mother feels tired, nervous, pain, anxiety, nerve reflex will inhibit the secretion of prolactin, and the milk production will decrease or even disappear. < p > < p > light milk, also known as colostrum, is a kind of low-fat milk rich in immunoglobulin and various vitamins and minerals. < / P > < p > but it is not the right way to judge. Can breast milk satisfy the baby? Breastfeeding on demand is the premise. After each breast-feeding, if the baby can show the required emotion or action at an interval of more than 1 hour, it can be proved that the milk is enough to meet the baby’s needs once, and the changes of baby’s urine and weight can also prove whether breast milk meets the baby’s needs. < / P > < p > many mothers have been forced to eat all kinds of soup and food in order to increase the nutrition of milk. Zhou Yongyi said that in fact, the vast majority of mothers in pregnancy intake of nutrition is enough, whether it is natural or cesarean section, within a week after delivery, the diet should be light and easy to digest, not greasy, not stimulating, such as millet porridge, wonton, etc., temporarily not to eat some high protein and high fat food, to prevent sticky milk clogging the breast tube, causing mastitis. In fact, the mother’s relaxed and stable mood and the baby’s effective sucking is the best lactation specialist. Focus