After cesarean section, nine items can be recovered quickly and at least as soon as possible

China is a large country of cesarean section, the overall cesarean section rate has been maintained at more than 40% in recent years, especially in some areas as high as 80% ~ 90%. < / P > < p > under such a background, many Baoma still passively perform cesarean section, which may be due to poor fetal position, intrauterine distress, or pregnancy complications. < p > < p > although the time of cesarean section is shorter, and Baoma is more relaxed, the crime suffered by Baoma after cesarean section is no less than that of natural delivery. Less cesarean section can make the body recover quickly. < p > < p > when he was 30 weeks pregnant, he was happy to have a birth examination as usual. At ordinary times, every production inspection is very smooth, Yue Yue already has a plan in mind, waiting for the day when the baby is born. However, the doctor looked at the B-ultrasound image of the baby and said to himself, “look at this, you have to have an autopsy.” As soon as he heard the word “cut”, Yue stood up like a spring and said, “doctor, what are you talking about? Is it cesarean section? ” After getting the affirmative reply, Yueyue, like a soft eggplant, sat back on the chair again. < p > < p > recalling the whole pregnancy, Yue Yue insisted on exercise every day, and paid great attention to his diet. He always maintained a high degree of self-discipline in order to have a natural birth. < p > < p > at this time, what the doctor said was like a thunderbolt, which made him lost. The doctor comforted him, “you can see that you are very self-discipline, which is also very healthy for the baby, so don’t pay too much attention to this matter.” < p > < p > when he was 39 weeks pregnant, he had a cesarean section as scheduled. The baby’s fetal position is not correct, but also can’t do something. However, Yue Yue did enough homework and recovered better after the operation. He suffered a lot less crime. < / P > < p > no matter before or after the operation, they need to fast for 6 hours after operation. During this period, Baoma needs to lie on the pillow to keep the wound relaxed, which is helpful for recovery. < / P > < p > many Baoma will feel dry mouth and tongue. They need to stop water for 8 hours before operation and 6 hours after operation. It’s really uncomfortable. Family members can help with wet cotton swab, cotton ball to dip wet treasure mother’s lips, play a moisturizing effect. < p > < p > don’t look at Baoma’s fast food and water, nutrition is also indispensable. After the operation, Baoma need intravenous infusion, which is often called “glucose”, to help Baoma provide energy. < / P > < p > in order to promote wound recovery, Baoma needs to add sandbags to her abdomen. Some Baoma also need doctors to help her press her stomach, so as to promote uterine contraction, help discharge lochia, and make her body recover faster. < p > < p > after going to the pillow and lying flat, Baoma also needs appropriate activities to promote the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach and help the intestinal tract exhaust. The so-called exhaust is actually farting, which is a symbol of good recovery and no intestinal adhesion. < p > < p > Baoma people can also drink some radish soup and slow stewed radish soup, which has a good exhaust effect. When the radish is stewed into a soft texture, Baoma will be more comfortable to eat. Although it is very difficult to get out of bed to urinate, it is a very suitable exercise after the operation. Proper walking can also help the wound recovery, “long pain is better than short pain”, and there are fewer crimes in the future. < p > < p > cesarean section is a minor operation. After returning home, we need to do a good job in wound care, change dressings regularly, and clean the wound periphery with a towel every day to maintain hygiene. < p > < p > after cesarean section, Baoma is very weak and needs more rest. Baby mothers try not to hold baby, so as to avoid pulling the wound. Breast feeding can adopt the posture of lying on one’s side and feeding frequently. It can also prevent milk blocking and help the body recover. Focus