After climbing the mountain, the dog sneezed all the time, and the owner took out 7 cm live animal from its nostril

When I take my dog to climb the mountain, I will bring some anthelmintic, disinfectant and some ointment. I was once said that I was too worried. Just take the dog to climb the mountain. Don’t be so nervous! You won’t think I’m exaggerating once.

a master took his dog to climb mountains and water. Who knows that the dog has been sneezing since he went home. After seeing the doctor and taking medicine, his condition has not improved for several weeks. One day after the dog fell asleep, the owner found that the dog’s left nostril had foreign body, and will move, it is too scary!

after asking the doctor for advice, a person stands behind the dog and hugs it to make sure it doesn’t move. Then he turns on a flashlight to illuminate the dog’s nose to ensure that the leech can be accurately caught out. After the owner drops a small amount of water into the dog’s nose, the doctor also specially told not to drop too much water, one side leech afraid to hide in the nasal cavity, nasal cavity extending in all directions, drilling to other places is very troublesome!

when the leech is led out, the owner sees the opportunity to clamp it with a blunt head clamp and pull it out. The leech pulled out is about 7cm long, and everyone in the family is scared!

after the leech was caught, the dog sneezed a few times and went to bed. But I don’t know if there will be a catch. During this period of time, we have to observe the dog’s condition.

when a dog is playing in the water in the mountain, he is caught by a leech accidentally and gets into his nose to suck blood. The dog’s nose is moist and cool, just like the Leech’s favorite living environment. When the owner takes the dog to climb the mountain, it is best to avoid the water from the mouth and nose of the dog after entering the water. Dogs can be very hot when climbing mountains, but it’s better not to let them play in the water! If you want to cool your dogs, you can make them drink more water, or slap their bellies and soles with their own water.

don’t let the dog drink the water from unknown sources. Even if it’s mountain spring water, it doesn’t boil, it contains a lot of bacteria and parasites! Although leeches are afraid of salt, it is not suitable to use salt to solve this problem. Leeches may contract their muscles violently and cause blood to spit out from the stomach, which will infect the dogs that are being sucked and cause cellulitis. It is best to remove the leech before considering the follow-up treatment.

in addition to leeches, we should be alert to insects when we climb mountains with dogs. The mountain is a paradise for insects. We are afraid of ticks, lice, fleas and other parasites, people will not kill, everywhere to provoke insects, but curious baby all the way smell and look, see the grass in the small animals, pee, and go to the tree to rub a rub, the probability of causing insects is very high! Insects attached to the dog’s body, but also into the dog’s hair, many owners did not pay attention to the inspection.

my egg tart doesn’t know what physical constitution is, it always provoke ticks. I take it out basically with an insect repellent spray, and I find one spray. After all, ticks not only bite dogs, but also bite people. It’s more troublesome to take them home and affect the children at home! So after climbing the mountain with the dog, the owner must check it before getting on the bus to see if it is contaminated with parasites. If some, use anthelmintic on the spot, don’t take the bug home.

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