After eating hot pot, poison test was positive! In order to improve the taste, a hot pot shop in Guangdong Province added this kind of thing to the soup

The reporter learned from the police of Huilai County in Jieyang city that a man was found positive in drug testing at the Chengdong police station of Jieyang City during daily patrol inspection on August 4, but he insisted that he had never taken drugs. The man reflected that he had eaten dog meat in a mutton hotpot shop in Huicheng town.

Chengdong police station immediately organized police to conduct on-site inspection of the mutton and dog meat hotpot shop, and seized a small bag of poppy shells on the kitchen cabinet in the shop. The police immediately summoned Fang Mou Da, the owner of the mutton hotpot shop, to the police station for investigation.

according to the investigation, due to the poor business during the epidemic period this year, Fang Mou Da occasionally put a small amount of poppy shells into the mutton and dog meat soup pot to improve the taste of the soup and attract customers.

police in Huilai County, Jieyang City remind: after eating food with poppy shell for the first time, people generally have symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, reddish face and difficulty in falling asleep; if it is consumed for a long time, symptoms such as chills, sweating, fatigue, yellowing and emaciation will appear, which will damage the nervous system and digestive system and eventually become addicted. It is hoped that businesses will not be reckless in their pursuit of profits and do anything harmful to public health, otherwise they will be investigated for legal responsibility. When the masses go out to eat, if they find that businesses illegally add poppy shells and other non edible substances, they should report and complain immediately!

earlier, Liu, the owner of a congee shop in Longhua, Shenzhen, added poppy seeds to the casserole. The court made a judgment of first instance and sentenced Liu to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan for the crime of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food.

in addition, the court also ordered the defendant Liu to pay 9296 yuan of compensation to the civil public interest litigation plaintiff, and apologized to consumers for the sale of toxic and harmful food on the state-level news media.

long term consumption of food containing poppy shell will not only be addictive, serious or fatal. People have always known that poppy is harmful, but do you know? Compared with eating poppy seeds, poppy shell is more harmful.

poppy shell contains a variety of medicinal ingredients with sedative effect, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, because it is rich in alkaloids, it will make people addicted and cause great harm to the human body. Therefore, China explicitly forbids the use of poppy shell in the catering industry.

both poppy shell and poppy seed contain morphine and other substances. If taken for a long time, it is easy to cause dependence on the human body, and then cause addiction, which has a certain toxic effect on the liver and heart.

if people eat food containing poppy shell for a long time, people will suffer from chills, sweating, fatigue, sallow complexion, sleepiness and other symptoms. In serious cases, the nervous system and digestive system may also be damaged, causing hallucinations, and sometimes even death due to respiratory arrest.

first of all, for hot pot, spicy hot and other food, before eating, you can take out the base of the soup to see if there is anything similar to jujube stone. The size of poppy shell is similar to that of pigeon egg. It looks like a jujube pit, with a sharp one end and a 9-12 petal shaped pattern at the other end.

in order to make the poppy shell taste delicious, illegal merchants would cut many lines from the poppy shell with a knife. If similar condiments are found, poppy shells may be placed in hot pot and spicy hot pot.

secondly, the taste of food with poppy shell will be very unique. After eating, you will have the feeling of blushing and heartbeat, which is similar to taking stimulants. The first consumption may affect sleep, mental in a state of hyperactivity.