After entering the delivery room, it is better not to ask them casually, for they are not only in a dilemma for doctors, but also suffer

The delivery room is the place to welcome new life and the place where the baby meets his mother for the first time. However, for many treasure mothers, the memories in the delivery room are not good. < / P > < p > after entering the delivery room, it is better not to ask for three words easily, which will not only make doctors feel embarrassed, but also affect their physical recovery, and even be in danger. < p > < p > when my cousin gave birth to a child, she almost walked through the gate of hell. Her contractions were so painful that she couldn’t speak. Finally, she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes. Before entering the delivery room, my cousin asked the doctor, “help me to see what my husband is doing. I’m dying to give birth to him. What is he doing outside?” < p > < p > < p > my cousin tried to endure the severe contractions and asked again. The doctor said faintly: “don’t worry about other things, pay attention to your breathing!” My cousin’s breathing became more and more urgent, so she stopped asking. < / P > < p > my cousin lay weak on the bed and looked out of the door. She saw her brother-in-law sitting on the opposite side of the corridor, with his mobile phone in his hands, playing games on the horizontal screen, and turning a deaf ear to the birth of the child. < / P > < p > “you have no conscience, what are you doing?” My cousin roared in spite of her weak body. This roar scared the doctors in the delivery room, and my cousin felt a little dark in front of her eyes and fainted in the past. < p > < p > the doctors rushed to rescue, and finally caught the cousin from the ghost door. Some words in the delivery room had better not ask, concentrate on delivery is the most important, at this time a little bit of emotional fluctuations, may affect the outcome of delivery. After entering the delivery room, it is better not to say these three words. Don’t ask, don’t think, concentrate on the completion of childbirth, is responsible for their own and children. A cousin has made a mistake. Since the hot love period, her brother-in-law is like a changed person and treats his cousin coldly. Therefore, my cousin is always worried about his gains and losses, worrying about his brother-in-law not loving himself and making some irrational actions. In the delivery room, don’t ask about your husband’s status. People who love you will naturally care about your safety and take the initiative to buy food for you. Some thick lines of men, it is inevitable to deal with things not week, maternal know too much, but will affect the mood of childbirth. < / P > < p > doctors often feel irritable and helpless when they meet such a pregnant mother. Every day, there is an endless stream of people giving birth to children. Doctors can’t be patient with every puerpera. Such irrational mothers will bring trouble to doctors. There are specific indications for cesarean section. If the characteristics of the parturient fully meet the conditions of natural birth, doctors support natural birth. At present, pain can not be listed as the indication of cesarean section. Shouting will consume physical strength, which is harmful to the process of labor. < / P > < p > this problem makes doctors very difficult. Now the medical level is very advanced, many dystocia problems can be properly handled, and the era of “big or small” has long passed. < / P > < p > even if they really encounter dystocia, doctors will have their own judgment, and such comments of mothers will only disturb doctors. In case of special circumstances, you should give everything to the doctor and follow the doctor’s arrangement to be responsible for yourself and others. < / P > < p > sometimes, lying in women say some insincere words, mainly due to psychological tension. Make these three preparations before entering the delivery room and let Baoma put down her worries. < / P > < p > be prepared for the delivery package, including knife paper, maternity sanitary napkin, toiletries, laundry, etc. the most important thing is to prepare some liquid food, such as juice in a straw cup, to supplement enough physical strength in the contraction interval. < p > < p > preview of delivery breathing and basin muscle training in advance during pregnancy can provide mental support for pregnant women. When contractions come, it needs to be slow and hard. Mothers should obey the doctor’s instructions and must not mess with themselves. < / P > < p > the situation in the delivery room changes rapidly, and it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next second. The only thing mothers can do is to follow the doctor’s advice so that they can protect themselves and their babies. < / P > < p > if you do something you shouldn’t do in the delivery room, it will not only bring danger to yourself and the baby, but also make the doctor in trouble. Please pay attention to this. 08/16/2020