After getting up in the morning, do you drink water or defecate first? Reminder: the right order is good for health

Everyone has their own health habits. Some people will insist on drinking water after waking up in the morning, while others think it is better to go to the toilet first. So after getting up in the morning, is it necessary to drink water or defecate first, is the most beneficial method for health? Let’s look at the right order.

life is so busy and stressful that few people can wake up naturally. They are all woken up by a set alarm clock. When the alarm clock rings, don’t suddenly get up. Instead, lie on the bed for a while, first lie still for two minutes, relax our limbs, and let the brain slowly wake up.

because after a whole night’s sleep, the body’s blood concentration is relatively high. At this time, you will get up immediately, and you will easily get dizzy. So after getting up, first stretch your waist and legs on the bed, and then move your muscles and bones so that the blood can circulate around the body. Then sit down beside the bed slowly. When you don’t feel sleepy, you can get out of bed again.

because in the long night, our body is at a static level, not so much activity during the day. Although there are many activities during the day and the water loss is fast, it will be replenished in time. But in the evening although the activity is little, the body is also consuming water, the water loss can not be timely replenished.

so drink a cup of warm boiled water after getting up in the morning. First, it can replenish the consumed water in time; second, it can promote blood circulation and help the body carry out metabolism.

if you just wake up and the functions of your body have not been adjusted in time, you should go to the toilet first. This will lead to the rapid emptying of the bladder, which is easy to cause hypotension.

after a night’s rest and adjustment, there will be a lot of garbage and toxins in the body, so it is necessary to go to the toilet in time after drinking water. The purpose of defecation is to help the body discharge toxins and garbage, so that the metabolism can run normally.

if you don’t form the habit of defecation in the morning, it may lead to slow bowel movement and constipation. And not timely defecation will also bring burden to gastrointestinal tract, so that health is affected.

1. After waking up, don’t get up, lie in bed and move your hands and feet, rub your face and hands, and wait for two or three minutes for your body to wake up, stretch and stretch before you walk.

4. Go to the toilet to discharge the garbage and toxins in the body. Remember not to use force or act too fast when defecating. Don’t stay in the toilet for too long. It’s better not to exceed three minutes.

after finishing these tasks and washing, you should give yourself a nutritious breakfast. You must eat breakfast and eat it well, otherwise you can’t support the energy needs of your body all morning.

breakfast is best to choose foods with high quality protein and low fat content, such as milk, eggs, fruits, whole grains and appropriate vegetables, and less fried, refined and heavy taste foods.

if the time is tight in the morning, you can choose some nutritious fast food as breakfast. For example, the following cereal porridge is a bowl of breakfast, which is nutritious and delicious.

people who have morning exercise habits should choose according to their own physical conditions. Hypertension patients are not suitable for morning exercise because of their high blood pressure after getting up early. In addition, middle-aged and elderly people must choose the exercise mode and amount suitable for themselves.

However, there is no absolute order between drinking water first and defecating first. If you have formed a habit, you should do it according to your own habit. However, it should be noted that you must stay in bed for a while before you wake up.