After giving birth to a baby, there is no “big aunt”, also want to do a good job in contraception, the fifth is more reliable but suspected

In fact, it’s not the case. If you don’t take contraceptive measures after childbirth, the probability of pregnancy will be very high. New mothers should pay special attention to it. Otherwise, postpartum abortion will be more harmful. Postpartum contraception can not be ignored.

Xiaoyu takes care of the baby’s daily life and tries hard to recover her body. However, an unexpected thing happens and Xiaoyu is pregnant again.

Xiaoyu is puzzled that he is still in lactation, and his period has not returned to normal. He should not ovulate. Why would he win the prize?

it turns out that although new mothers are in the postpartum recovery period, ovulation and menstruation are not directly related. Most new mothers will ovulate before menstruation comes. Therefore, it is better to take contraceptive measures in advance instead of waiting for menstrual recovery.

birth control ring is known as the ring or upper ring. In general, the mother after giving birth is more suitable for this method of contraception. It is an effective physical contraception to place IUD in uterus.

generally, the new mother can choose shanghuan only after 3-7 days of complete menstruation. It is worth noting that the duration of the IUD is longer, up to five years. It is necessary for mothers to check once a year.

mothers should choose to take it five days after menstruation, and insist on taking it once a day for 21 consecutive days, so as to effectively contraception for one month.

in fact, ligation is not only applicable to men, but also to women. But the structure of fallopian tube is more complex, ligation operation is relatively difficult.

compared with short-term contraceptives, the duration is longer, but the hormone content in the pills is too much. The common drugs are oral medicine, subcutaneous implantation and injection.

subcutaneous implantation mainly uses a needle to send contraceptives under the skin, so that the hormone can be released slowly, and finally achieve the effect of long-term contraception. In general, women can use one implant for 5 years.

the hormone content of subcutaneous implant is too high, and surgery on the arm is necessary, which is not small harm to the body. But compared with the short-term use of contraceptives, the duration of the effect is longer.

condom is a kind of physical contraception, which will not affect women’s endocrine. Such contraceptive method is more common, not only the success rate of contraception is high, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases.

a good couple’s life can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, so as to make the family more harmonious and happy. However, it is important to protect women’s health.

no matter which method of contraception is used, the selection should be based on safety and effectiveness, so as to avoid accidental pregnancy after childbirth, otherwise it will cause harm to mother and baby. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!