After heavy snow, often drink this soup, 3 yuan to make a pot, dispel cold, warm stomach, moisturize skin, not dry

Love life, love food, Hello, I’m minruyi. I’m very happy to share the experience and fun of making delicious food with you. Today, I want to share a hot soup. After heavy snow, I want to drink this soup often. I want to make a pot of it for 3 yuan. It can dispel the cold and warm the taste, moisten the skin and keep it dry

time flies. It’s snowy again unconsciously. After snowing, it’s getting colder and colder. The snowy day is coming. In addition to adding more clothes to keep warm, snowy is also a good time for tonic. When it’s cold, remember to drink more hot soup. Tonic soup in winter can improve immune function and promote metabolism. It’s also easy to catch cold and get angry Improve In winter, hot soup can be mutton soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup, egg soup, mushroom soup. As long as it is not greasy and nutritious, drinking soup will increase resistance, dispel cold, remove fire and moisturize! Today’s soup is sour, appetizing, delicious and smooth. It contains laver, tomato, egg and tender tofu If you catch a cold easily in winter, don’t miss this soup. It’s appetizing and moisturizing every day, and it can discharge sweat after drinking

this soup is very suitable for drinking in heavy snow season. It’s simple and affordable. Three yuan can make a big pot, dispel the cold and warm the stomach, and moisturize the skin Inside added tomato, added a variety of vitamins, acid cool appetizer, good drink, moisten and go! Laver inside can enhance immunity, clear lung heat, remove fire, diuresis and detumescence Tofu melts immediately in the mouth. It is rich in high-quality protein and calcium, which can increase the resistance. It is delicious but not hot

1: dice tomato, dice tender tofu, prepare laver, 1 egg

or sprinkle chopped green vegetables or parsley! The soup is ready. This soup is very appetizing and delicious! Is cold easy to catch fire in winter? Don’t miss this soup! Every day drink appetizer and moisten, discharge a body sweat 3 yuan can make a pot, after heavy snow often drink, can drive cold warm stomach, moisten skin not dry

this soup contains Porphyra, bean curd, egg and tomato. These four ingredients are very common, and they are rich in nutrition. They have the advantages of clearing away heat, moistening skin, removing dryness, expelling cold and enhancing immunity. Thin thickening can make this soup taste more smooth

today’s hot soup of expelling cold and removing heat is here! Do you have any better nourishing and warming recipes after the heavy snow? Can comment area message sharing, we learn and exchange!

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