After male ligation, can’t “love”? Actually, there are six things to pay attention to

After vasectomy, some of the fluid secreted by the testis will be absorbed by the epithelial cells of the epididymis again, and the rest will accumulate in the epididymis. With the passage of time, it will slowly age, die and decompose, and then be absorbed and disappeared. This process does not affect the physiological process, so don’t worry too much. < p > < p > human sexual behavior is affected by endocrine and nervous system. Male ligation only cuts off the vas deferens, which has no effect on the normal secretion of estrogen by testis. Therefore, male sexual function will not be affected after ligation. Ligation is only to ligate and cut off both sides of the vas deferens, which can prevent the mixing of sperm and semen, and will not affect the normal sperm. However, the husband and wife can not start life too early after ligation, because the scrotum will keep contracting during the “love” period, which will lead to the rupture of suture wound or vas deferens ligation, which will cause complications. < / P > < p > before ligation, male must do a good job of consultation to understand what problems may occur during the operation and what complications will be caused after the operation. To know more about ligation surgery related scientific knowledge, so as to eliminate ideological concerns. < / P > < p > before ligation, the male must tell the doctor’s medical history truthfully and in detail, otherwise some diseases will bring risks to the operation and even lead to complications. In particular, patients with hypertension, hyperglycemia and heart disease can not be ligated. < / P > < p > before ligation operation, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, which can roughly understand the physical condition of men, and adjust their diet and living habits according to the examination results, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of the body. < / P > < p > the urine should be emptied 10 minutes before ligation in male patients. Pay attention to the presence of pathological residual urine, so as to determine whether the catheter should be inserted. < p > < p > take a warm bath the day before ligation to keep the scrotum clean and hygienic to prevent the wound from infection. Because scrotum skin has too many folds, plus local airtight will make scrotum moist, breeding bacteria, easy to cause infection. < / P > < p > after ligation, the male patients should stay in the hospital for observation for 2-3 hours. As long as there is no abnormality, they can go home to rest. Local cold compress can be applied within 8 hours after operation, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain. After ligation, the affected area should be kept clean and dry to prevent infection. In case of fever of unknown origin, local swelling, heat and pain, timely medical treatment is required, and husband and wife can not live within two weeks after operation. Compared with female ligation, male ligation is simple, with clear location, less accidental injury and high success rate of ligation. In addition, male ligation is a long-term contraceptive method, but it is still reversible. If you want to have another child, you need to operate under a microscope to sew the vas deferens again. In addition, bleeding tendency and coagulation disorders of men can not do ligation, or it will cause hematoma or bleeding. There are also men with chronic inflammation of germ cells need to actively treat the disease, inflammation control before surgery, to avoid postoperative infection. Focus