After menopause, women don’t want to grow old fast. They have to work hard on these three points

After menopause, most women’s body will gradually age. The obvious feature is that the skin condition becomes worse, and the body aging will be accelerated because of the decrease of sleep quality at night. If they directly give up when they see their aging and do not take any response measures, they may age much faster than other people who actively fight against aging. Therefore, in postmenopausal women should not give up easily, many things to delay aging should be done well, naturally can be younger than their peers. < / P > < p > after menopause, if women can pay attention to the timely acquisition of nutrients, and provide nutrients for human body through healthy diet, they can keep themselves young and healthy. Because many people in the process of aging skin state will become worse, and the human body needs timely access to nutrients is the key to anti-aging, especially with antioxidant effect of substances to obtain. < / P > < p > usually eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain anthocyanins, vitamin E and vitamin C, which are needed by the human body. These types of substances have good antioxidant effect, can fight against free radicals, slow the aging speed of the body, and reduce the damage from free baseband, which can naturally slow down your aging speed. Otherwise, after menopause, the body gradually aging, but barbecue food, pickled food intake, are easy to accelerate the body aging. < / P > < p > even in the face of menopausal women’s ovarian function gradually decline, there is a small amount of estrogen secretion, the same can not give up, we should actively fight against aging through reasonable work and rest. Because in the process of aging, the body will gradually aging, coupled with the decline in sleep quality, if you can’t have high-quality sleep, your body will age faster. At this time, you can make a detailed sleep plan to go to bed early and get up early to fix the biological clock. After the body adapts, the sleep quality will be higher. < / P > < p > in addition, we can improve the circulation by taking a proper walk before going to bed and soaking feet, provide more blood and oxygen to the brain, maintain good neurological function, and achieve the effect of calming the mind and helping sleep through diet regulation when necessary, which can make you have high-quality sleep and delay the aging of the body. < / P > < p > in menopause, if you want to make your body aging slowly and exercise enough, you can also achieve the effect of anti-aging by exercising more. After enough exercise, the blood circulation speed of the body is accelerated, blood and nutrients can be provided to each part of the body, and the aging speed is usually much slower. It can be seen that many people lack of exercise for a long time, and too little exercise is not conducive to endocrine regulation. Endocrine function is disordered and hormone levels in the body fluctuate. It is difficult for the body to keep young and healthy. Therefore, in order to adjust the body in this way, it is recommended that women should swim and run properly, and they can also adjust their body by doing yoga. Enough exercise can keep the body healthy. Otherwise, if you don’t exercise for a long time, your body will age faster than before. Focus