After middle age, muscle loss is the characteristic of aging. Five movements are used to exercise the whole body to realize anti-aging of frozen age

Some people say that when we enter middle age, the body is the second face. Having a tight and linear body not only makes us look tall and straight, but also makes us look much younger. However, when we enter middle age, our metabolic level will decline, which will lead to our difficulty in losing fat, and it is difficult to maintain a slim figure. Therefore, some friends always have the problem of getting fat in middle age. Therefore, if we want to have a young body and posture after middle age, in addition to reasonable control of diet, regular exercise is indispensable, and in the choice of exercise methods, strength training is more important. < / P > < p > the reason why we say this is because when we are 30 years old, our muscles will start to lose support, and gradually our skin will lose support, which makes us look old. Strength training is an effective way to improve muscle content. With the increase of muscle content, we can not only make our body tight and shapeless, but also make us look young and energetic, but also help us It helps us improve our basal metabolism to maintain a low body fat rate, which means that we can control weight and keep our body more easily. < / P > < p > speaking of this, we will always have many examples to tell us the role of strength training in maintaining the body and resisting aging. For example, our familiar Aunt Li ruotong, who is 54 years old, still has a girl like figure and has a unchanged face for many years. For example, we know that Liu Yelin, a hot fitness mom, is also in her 50s and has a figure unmatched by young people and a younger face than her peers. When we understand the methods of keeping their body and frozen age, the most important point is to exercise and keep fit, to carry out regular strength training. < / P > < p > then, for all of us, no matter whether we are young or not, we can keep ourselves in the best state through strength training, whether it is body or appearance. Then, in the selection of strength training movements, we do not have to make a systematic training plan like fitness experts do, of course, even if we want to do so in the implementation It’s very difficult, but we can also choose our own method to improve our training effect, and this method is to do some comprehensive compound movements. < / P > < p > we know that the advantage of compound movement is that it can let us exercise more muscles in one movement process, so that our whole body can get coordinated development, so that we can harvest high-efficiency training results in effective training time. Therefore, let’s share five compound movements that can be trained at home. In the process of these movements, we only need a pair of dumbbells to complete at home. If we can adhere to it regularly, we can not only gain a tight and good body, but also help us realize the adverse growth when we are young. < / P > < p > stand with your feet wide apart, keep your back straight, keep your core tight, hold dumbbells in both hands and hang them in front of you to keep your body stable, keep your back straight, sit back on your hips, bend your knees and squat until your thighs are parallel to or slightly lower than the ground, then keep the squat position still and keep the big arm still. The biceps brachii exerts force to drive the small arm to bend upward and stop to the top of the action to contract the biceps brachii And then actively control the speed. After completing the bending lift, you should keep your body stable and keep your back straight. Pay attention not to buckle your knees in order to keep your knees and toes in the same direction. < / P > < p > stand with your feet about the same width as your shoulders. Keep your back straight and your core tight. Hold a dumbbell with both hands and keep your body stable Keep the back straight, keep the lower leg still, bend the hip forward, make the dumbbell move downward in the middle of the legs to the top of the action, feel the pulling feeling of the back of the thigh. On this basis, keep the body stable and keep the back straight. The muscles of the back drive the arms to bend the elbows, make the big arms close to the body, pull the top of the dumbbell toward the hip, and then contract the back muscles, and then take the initiative to control it After finishing the rowing, push your heels on the ground, tighten your hips, get up and pull up the dumbbells until you are upright. Note that the whole process of action should be completed on the premise of keeping your back straight. < / P > < p > stand with your feet wide apart, keep your back straight and your core tight. Hold dumbbells in both hands and keep your body stable, keep your back straight and your hips straight Sit back to the side and squat down until the knees and legs are parallel to the ground, and then stand up. At the same time, keep the elbow slightly flexed, the deltoid will drive the arms to both sides flat, stop at the top of the action, contract the deltoid muscle, and then complete the side lunge again. At the same time, keep the back straight during the whole movement, and pay attention to the direction of knee and toe. < / P > < p > 0 > 0 Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keep your back straight, keep your back straight, keep your back straight, take a big step backward and squat down, keep your arms straight, lift your arms up over your head until your thighs are level with the ground. At the same time, keep your arms down. Pay attention to keeping your back straight Under the premise of completion, pay attention to keep the knee and toes in the same direction, when squatting, the back knee should not touch the ground < / P > < p > lie on the back of the yoga mat, stick the upper body to the ground, hold the dumbbells in both hands, lift the elbows slightly, bend the elbows slightly, bend the knees together and lift up, make the thighs and the ground vertical, keep the body stable, actively control the speed, bend the elbow downward, and at the same time Straighten the leg forward, pay attention not to land on the foot, stop at the top of the action, and then the chest muscle sends force to drive the arms to push the dumbbell upward. At the same time, the active leg bends the knee to lift the top of the action for a while, contract the chest muscle, and then drop the dumbbell again, and complete the action of the other side of the leg < / P > < p > before the start of the action, be familiar with the action essentials and fully warm up, in order to ensure the quality of the action Finish each movement, 12-20 times each time. Take a rest of about 45 seconds between the movements. Each time, 3-5 groups. Don’t stop immediately after the training. Stretch well to help the body recover. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE