After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!

This article is originally shared by luopa, welcome to pay attention and leave a message. The content of this issue is: after pregnancy, don’t do these five kinds of housework, give it to the husband, otherwise it’s easy to hurt the fetus!

a wife’s pregnancy is a big event. If you can give birth to a fat baby, it will be a happy fruit for the whole family. But when pregnant, you need to pay special attention to all risk factors to avoid bringing danger to the child. As a husband, we should pay more attention and love to the pregnant wife. Only the husband’s intimacy is conducive to the health of mother and son.

many women will do a lot of housework because they are bored when they are waiting for birth at home. Proper housework helps pregnant women’s health. So, father Luo would like to share with you about the five kinds of housework after pregnancy, don’t let the wife do it, leave it to the husband, and the husband should take the initiative to take charge of it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!

from the doctor’s point of view, pregnant women’s abdominal pressure will increase when carrying or lifting heavy objects. If the pressure increases, it will lead to severe contraction of uterine smooth muscle of pregnant women, which may lead to the loss of fetus, which is a very serious consequence. Therefore, heavy lifting housework must not let pregnant women do, the husband should take the initiative to undertake this heavy work.

in the early pregnancy of the wife, proper cooking is still OK, which has no impact on the fetus. However, by the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus has grown to a certain extent, and the pregnant woman’s stomach is already very large. The weight of the child will make it difficult for the pregnant woman to stand upright for a long time. If she can’t sit down and rest in time, she may faint and hurt the fetus. Secondly, cooking in the kitchen will have a lot of lampblack, stimulate the respiratory tract of pregnant women, cough will also increase abdominal pressure. And the harmful substances contained in lampblack will be absorbed by the fetus with the inhalation of pregnant women, which will affect the health of the fetus.

when sweeping and mopping the floor, people will bend down, and ordinary people will suffer from backache after a long time of work, not to mention pregnant women. When pregnant women do sweeping and mopping the floor, the action of bending will oppress the abdomen, and the blood vessels will be squeezed, which will hinder the blood flow, and finally affect the fetus. Moreover, bending down can squeeze the uterus, especially in the latter part of pregnancy, which is likely to cause premature birth.

many women, as housewives, have to do the laundry every day. After washing, the clothes are dried. This is a simple thing for normal women, but it is different for pregnant women. In general, our clothes drying rack or rope are relatively high, so pregnant women are likely to have accidents when they put on clothes. Drying clothes requires pregnant women to stretch their arms, so they need the contraction of the abdomen to provide strength, and then oppress the uterus. There are also some shorter pregnant women will stand on tiptoe when drying clothes. At this time, pregnant women are likely to slip and fall, which is a big taboo for pregnant women, and the consequences are very serious.

as long as it is a household cleaning, it is inevitable to use chemicals such as detergent and disinfectant. The chemicals contained in these cleaners are likely to be absorbed into the body through the skin of pregnant women, which may affect the health of the fetus and even cause fetal deformity. Some detergents, when mixed with other chemicals, can produce toxic gases, such as chlorine, which can quickly make pregnant women faint and cause life-threatening to pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should not be exposed to any chemicals during pregnancy.

once a wife is pregnant, many dangerous things will appear in life, which will affect the health of mother and son. The husband must pay more attention to it. It is better not to let his wife do housework. At this time, the husband should take the initiative to do housework. Although tired, it is worth doing more for the health of his wife and baby.