After pregnancy, does the female body have “peculiar smell”? Don’t panic. It’s a signal from the body

Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that she is “off flavor”, it is not necessary to panic too much. These are normal phenomena, and can be improved through the following points: < / P > < p > in this case, the pregnant mother should make some adjustments in her diet, eat more light and nutritious food, and eat less fried food, so as to slow down the symptoms of heat. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother’s body emits peculiar smell without warning, especially the lower body emits peculiar smell, it is likely that she has gynecological disease. < / P > < p > no matter what causes pregnant mother’s peculiar smell, there is no need to panic. The most important thing is to refer to the above points and make adjustments or seek medical treatment in time to restore your health. 08/16/2020