After pregnancy, she still insists on going to work. Only those who have experienced can understand the strength of pregnant mother, which is heartbreaking

In many people’s impression, pregnant women should be more comfortable at home after pregnancy, until 10 months later, the child will be born peacefully. But in fact, more and more pregnant women will insist on going to work after pregnancy. Some people think that pregnant women are for money, but in fact they have other reasons. Xiaolin is a pregnant mother who still insists on going to work after pregnancy. It seems that there is no difference between Xiao Lin and her normal work, but in fact, it is much harder for a pregnant mother to go to work. At what time do you get up in the morning and clean up, you have to take the subway to go to work. Because it’s the morning rush hour, Xiao Lin is very careful to protect his stomach from being touched. < / P > < p > when he arrived at the company, he was busy. Because he often sat in a chair, Xiao Lin’s back was aching. At the end of the day, Xiao Lin’s legs began to swell. But there is no way, he can not relax, can only continue to work. < / P > < p > the lunch break time is very short, so there is no way to go home and have lunch in the canteen of the company. But also because it is pregnant women’s reason, so the appetite some always can’t eat much food. Seeing other colleagues sleeping, Xiao Lin can only sit on the chair to rest, because if you sleep on the table, it will only pressure on the stomach, but will hurt the child. In summer, Kobayashi also puts on a coat to avoid being caught cold by the air conditioner. Sometimes the work is not done well and will be criticized by the boss, but there is no way. Since you choose to stick to work after pregnancy, you should bear these pressures. After finishing work, I had to go home and prepare dinner immediately. After finishing the housework, I had no time to do prenatal education for my children. I had to wash and go to bed immediately. I needed to rest early to meet the busy day tomorrow. < / P > < p > pregnancy is a hard work for women, let alone go to work during pregnancy. For this, many people are very curious, why many women choose to go to work after pregnancy? < / P > < p > the reason why some pregnant women still insist on going to work after pregnancy is that the mood of pregnant women is very easy to be excited during pregnancy, and pregnant women are always suspicious and worry about unnecessary things, which is not good for a pregnant woman. < / P > < p > so the reason why some pregnant women still insist on working after pregnancy is that they just want to transfer their suspicions about life by working things, and they can chat with colleagues and share or learn about parenting experience when they are at rest. Exercise is the most important thing in pregnancy. Some pregnant women think that they should have a good rest after pregnancy. But in fact, if they always lie in bed to rest, it will lead to overweight of pregnant women, and many problems will appear when they give birth. < / P > < p > and daily exercise, for pregnant women, has a lot of help, after exercise, pregnant women’s physical quality will also improve, and exercise the strength and muscle of pregnant women, so that in the production will have more strength, the production process will be more smooth. < p > < p > after pregnancy, if you just rest at home, then the husband will have financial pressure. After all, pregnant women in the 10 months of pregnancy need to continue to supplement nutrition, if the pregnant woman does not work, this can only let her husband bear all the economic pressure, over time, the husband and wife are likely to have a quarrel due to the economic pressure, which has a great impact on a family. However, if a pregnant woman continues to work during pregnancy, it can help her husband to relieve the financial pressure. Moreover, if a woman is financially independent, she can speak at home with confidence. Therefore, this is why many women still choose to go to work after pregnancy. < / P > < p > in fact, most pregnant women can continue to work if their health is not weak or their children are not in danger. After all, going to work also has many benefits for pregnant women. But at the same time should also pay attention to rest, do not force yourself at any time, in order to ensure the safety of themselves and children. Focus