After pregnancy, the fetus sends out several kinds of signals. Adults smile secretly. The child is very “smart”

Every parent wants their children to be smart, but their children’s IQ is not completely controlled by their parents. On the one hand, intelligence is related to genetic inheritance, on the other hand, it is also related to the development environment of fetus and childhood. For parents, the latter is still under control, while the former is left to fate. But if you can’t control it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t know in advance. In fact, the influence of heredity on children’s intelligence can be seen as early as the fetus. Last week, my cousin, who was more than five months pregnant, went to the hospital to take a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. It is said that this kind of examination is the most meticulous and can detect potential problems to the maximum extent. < / P > < p > before taking color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor told her cousin that she could interact with the fetus more. In this way, the fetus would actively cooperate and even make some interesting actions. < p > < p > when she heard the doctor say this, her cousin gently stroked her belly with her hand and spoke softly to her. After a period of interaction, it was her cousin’s turn to take pictures. After the photos came out, she could not believe her eyes. She saw one hand of the baby covering her mouth, as if she knew that her mother wanted to see him. She was secretly covering her mouth and laughing. < p > < p > later, the doctor told her that it was just a coincidence that the fetus made such a move. It was impossible for him to know that his appearance would be photographed for his mother to see, but it also showed that the baby was very smart, because even a simple mouth covering action could not be done by all fetuses. After listening to the doctor’s words, my cousin was very happy, and my heart’s desire for the birth of the baby was even stronger. < / P > < p > in everyone’s impression, the fetus should lie quietly in the mother’s womb, but in fact, they will do all kinds of small movements, and these small movements are the signals sent by the fetus to the mother. He is telling his mother with practical actions: I am smart! < / P > < p > from the fourth month of pregnancy, there is the so-called “fetal movement”, that is, the pregnant mother can feel the baby’s movements in her belly. If you touch the belly of a pregnant mother with your hand at this time, you can also feel the feedback of the child. Some babies can even follow the touch of their mother to move, which makes people feel incredible. < / P > < p > if your baby has this kind of situation, then enjoy it secretly, because it shows that he is very smart and his brain is well developed. After all, only a fetus with a certain degree of intellectual development can have such a reaction to the outside world. < / P > < p > fetal movement does not always occur after external stimulation. When it is normal, the fetus will also move itself, and this fetal movement can better reflect the state of the fetus. On the contrary, if the number of pregnant babies is less than 12 hours, it means that if the baby’s brain moves more than 30 times in the second trimester, it means that if the baby’s brain moves more than 30 times in the second trimester, it can be known whether the baby needs to move more than 30 times in the second trimester. < / P > < p > it’s not very popular now. Some pregnant mothers will listen to music for their babies, hoping to stimulate their brain development through sound. There is no effect for the moment, but the fetus inside the belly, will really respond to the sound. < p > < p > so the pregnant mother can spy on the development of the fetus through the sound, and music is a better choice than ordinary sound, because it has certain rules. If the fetus can respond to music, it is enough to show that his IQ is very high. < / P > < p > the above three signals can be used as evidence of fetal intelligence. If the three signals are complete, it will be more happy for the pregnant mother. The brain development of the fetus is not only related to genetics, but also related to the state of the mother. So if you want to make your baby smarter, you should start with yourself. < / P > < p > although the fetus does not show emotion, it can “feel” the mother’s emotion. Because when the mood is low, the hormone level in pregnant women will fluctuate, thus affecting the development of the fetus. Therefore, to maintain a good mood and relaxed and happy attitude can make the fetus develop better and the brain will be more intelligent. < p > < p > fetal education is also an effective way to improve the intelligence of the fetus, because the fetus is very sensitive to the mother’s voice and touch. If you give him such stimulation often, you can make more synapses and your intelligence will certainly increase. In fact, at the moment of birth, the starting line has been divided into high and low. A smarter and healthier newborn will have a competitive advantage over a baby of the same age, and this advantage comes from his mother. < / P > < p > I hope every pregnant mother can treat her baby carefully and try her best to provide her baby with the best development environment. Only in this way can the baby have a higher starting line. Focus